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Question of the Day:

“What the heck is a Nyanbobo!?”

Answer of the Day:

This is a nyanbobo. A pink nyanbobo. Pink Nyanbobos are also otherwise known as Bobopins, an abbreviation of pink and Nyanbobo. (I feel like a Pokédex)

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my mother always says this..

oh.. oh my.. i don't think that's quite what you mean...

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This epi was all about two war generals: Takeda Shingen of Kai and Uesegi Kenshin of Echigo.

Both are equally strong, and determined, but after a minor argument at a banquet, they decided to battle each other to see who was the strongest.

After battling for months, the two reached 598 fights………and 598 draws. That goes to show just how much they are alike.

Hideyoshi points out that they must really be good friends since they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Since both had a piece of the Crimson Armor in their possession, Nobunaga-sama decides to fight them both for their respective pieces.

Nobunaga-sama defeats Shingen and the latter’s condition for the armor is that Nobunaga-sama take her head. Kenshin steps in and says that Nobunaga-sama could have her armor too, if the latter took her head and let Shingen live.

Nobunaga-sama lets them both live and they give her their armor, bringing Nobunaga-sama to possess half of the Crimson Armor!


Yeah, no pic, sorry.

Overall: 8/10 (Mitsuhide was a failure in this epi, I don’t like her. Of course, I don’t exactly LOVE Hideyoshi either.. but.. meh. Awesome Nobunaga-sama shots, so therefore, high score!)

AfNE: 6/10 (I have no idea what I”m supposed to be looking forward to.. I guess, more Nobunaga-sama? ┐(´∀`)┌)

are-are you talking about.. ROBO-SEX???

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