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-gasp!- oh noess!! Rio is losing!

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hoo boy.. this anime is coming to a close. Next week’s epi will be the last!

In any case, the gate battle between Rina Goltschmidt Tachibana and Rio Rollins Tachibana is officially announced, with official signing and official pictures and official reporters and official paparazzi.

But afterwards, Rio and Howard Resort’s original employees (or really, the ones we are introduced to) go on vacation~~

Of course, there are a few tag-alongs..

Mr. Black Weirdo With Afro And Weird Urine Issue can be seen between Blondie's hip and Elvis' torso

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Everybody smile and say "Casino!"

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Rina and Dana are stuck in an unknown person’s roll ruler.

Chip appears suddenly and leads them to Howard, now Goltschmidt, Resort.

The people who greet them are the person dressed as a joker from the previous episode, and Howard, who has no idea who the heck the joker is.

Joker challenges Rio to a blackjack battle; it is his(?) roll ruler that they are in. Howard will be the dealer.

Meanwhile, everybody else is freaking out because they can’t find Howard and Rio. Some of them even get a few thoughts:

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Hmm... this looks familiar...

ah.. that's why.

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very nicely put, Mint, I approve

She’s talking about this one:

a, b, c , h, q! next time won't you sing with me~

Oh yeah, he’s all kinds of smart.

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First of all… what the heck.


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