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Wow. I’m super po’ed right now.

I blogged this episode over my spring break, but it didn’t go through so now I have to re-blog it, and apologize to everyone who did not get to read it because stupid wordpress likes to sign you out randomly as you are adding a new post.

Anyhoo, the girls are kicking unmanned drone @$$ while Ichika is dreaming of a white-haired girl who evokes a great sense of nostalgia for him.


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are-are you talking about.. ROBO-SEX???

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Houki is so BAWSS.

But before we get to her Houki-liciousness, we have Cecilia wearing lewd underwear because she misinterprets Ichika’s comment that he wants her to come to his room later because he wants to have a little chat with her..

oh.. oh my..

hmm.. very aptly placed hair..

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"What!? Laura is being raped by a blob!!?"

Yes. That’s exactly what’s going on.

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Episodes 1-6 Synopsis: In a world where females dominate with their ability to operate an IS (Infinite Stratos) weapon system, Orimura Ichika is the only male in the world who can operate an IS, so he is enrolled in an all-girls’ academy where students are taught how to control one. His childhood friend, Shinonono Houki happens to attend this same school, her older sister was the one who created the IS. He finds out that his instructor is the famous ex-IS pilot, Orimura Chifuyu. Yes, his sister.

Ichika rooms with Houki for a while, and England’s IS representative, Cecilia Alcott (Western name format) challenges him to a duel to see who shall be, believe it or not, class representative.. -sigh- drama…. Ichika is given his own personal IS (which is rare, there are only 467 in the whole world), Byakushiki. Alcott wins. Her IS is Blue Tears.

Ichika is still given the title of class representative since Cecilia falls for him. His second childhood friend, Fen Rinrin, transfers in and is the IS representive for China (WHOO!!). Ichika forgets about a childhood promise (that he would eat her sweet and sour chicken or something every day after she has learned how to make it) and she challenges him to a duel. This duel is rudely interrupted by an unmanned IS drone. The two work together and, after Cecilia joins them in the battle against the drone, defeat it. Rin’s IS is the ShenLong.

The IS representative for France transfers in, and it’s a boy! This Charles Dunois/Dunoa is instantly popular because he’s a bishounen (and because he and Ichika get along well and he gives off uke vibes). He takes Houki’s place as Ichika’s roommate. Houki makes Ichika promise to go out with her if she wins the inter-class IS tournament. This starts a rumor that whoever wins the tournament will get to date Ichika. Yamada Maya, the other instructor in charge of Ichika’s class, duels Rin and Cecilia. She wins.

The IS representative from Germany, Laura Bodewig, joins their class and slaps Ichika, declaring that she will not recognize him as Chifuyu’s brother. Charles’ IS is the Rafale Revive Custom II, and Laura’s is the Schwarzer Roegen.

Charles is actually a girl. Ichika learns this when he walks  in on her while she is taking a shower. He nonchalantly gives her the soap, then walks out, managing not to freak out until after he exits the bathroom. He tells Charles/Charlotte that he will keep her secret safe so that she can continue to attend the academy.


No, but seriously? Those things must have been bound to her spinal cord! How and where the heck do you hide THOSE!??!?

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