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Okay, let’s do this thing.

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Wow, guys, total derp. Sorry.

Last week my netbook decided to turn itself off in an area where I had no internet connection so I couldn’t reload this epi.. and I derped and forgot about it entirely ^^; Yeaahh.. not good.

Anyhow, I’m gonna make this (really) short and sweet.

And sorry again, but no pics, I’ve got to post this week’s epi too.

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hm.. not a lot of screenshots I feel are necessary to take this time..

meh, except for this one ^^

But, let’s back up a bit.

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Aiiiii~~~ I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!

But seriously, though, this episode was freaking creepy!!! Just the whole mask and the faces in windows and the mirror thing, it’s just a mega combo of creepy.

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Eriko-san’s driving is scary.

Besides that, Rose looks really good in Ryuuji’s school’s uniform ^^

oh, yes.. that she does, Eriko-san

Though I must say I find it incredibly hard to believe that what Rose is wearing used to be Eriko-san’s uniform.. Eriko and Rose’s bust sizes are just.. well………

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Continuing almost immediately where last week’s episode left off, Ryuuji is still knocked out and Ai and him are riding with Ai’s master, Saeki, who is confirmed to be the seventy-year-old scientist, Furumori.

After they reach their destination, the Lost Precious trap that had caught Ai and Ryuuji together fell off and Ryuuji is locked in the basement for the time being.

Ai is left alone in a room with the box containing the Lost Precious True Love, and the earring that she had stolen from Eriko-san was finally matched with its pair. Entranced by them

it is a Lost Precious after all...

she puts them on.

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The epi starts and we have Ryuuji taking a stroll through the park in a nice suit before he has to attend a huge party. He looks up and sees…this one:

Nice girl, right? A bit glare-y, but you gotta appreciate tsundere ^^

rescuing a cat out of a tree. She falls headfirst, is about to land on her feet, and Ryuuji gets under her in an attempt to catch her.

Of course.

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