Nanazzha no Sekai

R-15 Episode 1

Posted on: July 13, 2011

In a land far far away, there is a school that houses the most intelligent students.

Geniuses, if you will.

And in this school of inspiration (Inspiration Academy Private High School) for geniuses, there is one particular genius that catches my interest. (NO, it is not the pornographic author who just so happens to be the main character).

This character just so happens to be one Narukara Fukune-chan.

She is, drumroll please, a clarinet genius.

The fact that she is a genius musician is not the reason why she caught my interest.

It is the fact that this so-called, “genius”:

PLACES HER FREAKING LIGATURE WAY TOO LOW, SO LOW, IN FACT, THAT IT”S NOT EVEN ON THE MOUTHPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEREFORE HAS HER LIGATURE IN A SPOT THAT CANNOT POSSIBLY HOLD HER REED ON THE MOUTHPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND HAS HER GODDAMN MOUTHPIECE ON BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a clarinet SHOULD look like when being played (though it should truly be closer to the body, almost perpendicular, but not really, to the floor):

Now just try to tell me that Fukune is a genius.

And don’t be a smart-ass and say that she’s a genius because she doesn’t need to have the ligature hold the reed to the mouthpiece, have the ligature actually on the mouthpiece, and have the mouthpiece itself on correctly.

That’s B.S.

Oh, and anybody else find this disturbing?

∑(゜△ ゜)TWIN-TAILS! ∑(゜△゜;) WAIT! BOOBIES!?!!?

That’s not right.

Twin-tails have teeny boobs!

Kohinata Hayami

Kanzaki H. Aria

Nakano Azusa

Hoshina Utau

Hiiragi Kagami

Hatsune Miku

You get my point.


2 Responses to "R-15 Episode 1"

……. and k and myself. If we wanted to do twin tails.

Oh jeez. I should’ve added myself to the list, you two do not qualify >:(

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