Nanazzha no Sekai

Hanasaku Iroha Episode 10

Posted on: July 8, 2011

Madam Manager WAS a looker when she was more youthful :3 Definitely where Satsuki got HER looks!

AHAHAHA. Tohru is hit by the effects of springtime youth!

And then a little while later..

Anyhow, Ohana is basically so feverish (even though t’is but a slight fever) that she kinda takes on an “under the influence” personality.

She tries to get back out of bed multiple times to continue working and then she goes through some emotional extremes, at once calm, and at others hysteric and miserable at the thought that Kissuiso was doing fine without her and that she wasn’t needed anymore.

Then she had a weird dream where, as she puts it, Ko-chan’s body was glowing and he was asking her to go back to Tokyo (I think.. I really have no clue, it’s like she was just high during this epi)…

Ohana also writes a drunk/high text to Ko-chan about her weird-ass dream and how she feels that she wants to go back to Tokyo since she is no longer needed at Kissuiso.

Minko starts freaking out a bit and getting annoyed at Tohru because she notes that he seems to be caring a lot about how Ohana’s doing. And after hearing that she had collapsed, he had had the longest, “Eeeeehhhhh!?!??!?”

Oh, and Jiromaru-san also came by once to read his latest work since, apparently, “hearing sexual words invigorates your brain and makes you livelier”.

Geh, whatevs. Ohana just gets a lot of visitors..

By the by, Ohana has this fever because she’s been working herself a little too hard and waking up extra extra early in the mornings to clean the entrance, the duckboards, the window frames, the wooden floors, and the front desk, all by herself.

Sorry, I got tired of taking screenshots.

Ohana later decides that, meh, she’s okay.. she loves Kissuiso and the people who work there.. she doesn’t need to return to Tokyo.

Overall: 8/10 (what an utterly BIZARRE epi! Ohana needs to lay off those drugs!)



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