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AP Exam Results!

Posted on: July 7, 2011

WHOOOO YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Haha, okay.

So the 2 AP classes I took last year were AP Psychology and AP European History.

If any of you are still in high school and want to take the easiest AP class and the easiest AP exam, AP Psych is for you XD

If any of you are still in high school and are interested in European history, I would recommend AP Euro.

I personally didn’t like AP Euro, mainly because I pretty much BS’ed the first 2-ish months as a result of golf and therefore, did not do well on tests and such. But you gotta love that end of the semester extra credit! :3

-contented sigh- Mannn… AP Psych was soo easy though.. Pretty much all the homework was from the affiliated study guide, and the answers to everything were at the end of each module. I DIDN”T READ ANY OF THE MODULES IN THE ACTUAL TEXT BOOK.

Okay, so maybe I lied.

I kind of read the sex module.

But that’s it.

So, yeah.




Year Taken | Name of Examination | Score

11              | European Hist            | 3
11              | Psychology                 | 5



Ugh, wish me luck for next year -_-

I’ve got golf and 5 AP classes :/

Hoo boy..


6 Responses to "AP Exam Results!"

Big congrats, my favorite over achiever!!!

Proud of you, and is scared for what’s coming up next semester. Please remember you need to carve time out for sleep too!

Haha thanks! :D And don’t worry, I will!!

OH PRAISE!!! PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE. PRAISE. You are sucha smart little cookie. I bet you scores the highest in ur ap psych class, even if u didn’t always entirely did your own homework ( wink wink wink). Clearly, u are a superior being. We should all hail you. A temple will be erected in ur likness oh Athena!

nice user name :D haha, yes, PRAISE ME. And that is how it should be! Just kidding.. that kind of stuff disgusts me >.< anyhoo.. hahaha! Yes, I must add–if anybody reads the comments–that I had my sisters "help" me do my projects (only the solo ones) and homework (sometimes, like twice). In other words, AP Psych is SO SUPER DUPER EASY.

Hi! I just came across your blog when searching for information about AP exams. If you see this, could you pass along the name of the psychology book you used? Thanks, and congrats on the scores!

Hello ^^ Well, the study guide I used, which went hand-in-hand with David G. Myers’ Psychology – Seventh Edition in Modules was simply called Study Guide, by Richard O. Straub.
if you need more information, let me know.
Thank you! I wish you luck as well!

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