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Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Episode 11 [FINAL]

Posted on: June 29, 2011

Let’s do this.

I am so ready to find out what everybody’s been crying about! ゝ(^O^)丿




Menma didn’t disappear after the firework went off; it wasn’t her wish.

The Super Peace Busters all have the same idea about why she didn’t pass on:

They were all thinking about themselves.

Anaru’s Truth:

Anaru wanted Menma to pass on so that Jintan wouldn’t be so obsessed about her (Menma) anymore. For 10 years, all Anaru had wanted was for Jintan to so much as glance at her, and Menma finally going to heaven would force Jintan to do so; he would no longer be caught up in the past. Jintan would be hers, albeit never completely, and Anaru would finally have her wish granted after all this time.

Yukiatsu’s Truth:

Yukiatsu has loved and obsessed over Menma for these 10 years and it pissed him off so much that out of all them, only Jintan could see her. He wanted to be the one to help Menma go to heaven. He wasn’t going to let Jintan have her all to himself after he (Jintan) made that mistake 10 years ago. He wasn’t going to let Jintan have her all to himself after he (Yukiatsu) made the mistake of doing so 10 years ago.

Tsuruko’s Truth:

Tsuruko knew, all this time, that she would never win against Menma in a battle for Yukiatsu’s affection. But the person she was jealous of for 10 long years was Anaru. Even with Menma out of the picture, it was always Anaru who would be next on Yukiatsu’s list. Anaru always had an understanding with Yukiatsu and it drove Tsuruko insane. So if Menma finally passed on and Anaru got together with Jintan, then Tsuruko thought she would finally be next in line.

Poppo’s Truth:

Poppo saw Menma that day. For 10 years, he was haunted by the fact that he did nothing to save her as she floated, dead, in the water. Trying to escape from the vision of the drowned Menma, he dropped out of school to travel, but still, 10 years later, he was drawn back to that damned secret base where everything had started, and where everything had ended. Poppo needed Menma to pass on. He needed it to preserve his sanity.

Jintan’s Truth:

Jintan was pleased that he was the only one who could see Menma. He wanted her to stay with him forever. He didn’t really care whether she passed on or not, but Menma did. She wanted to be reincarnated and be able to converse with everybody. Jintan wanted to be the only person that she needed, but Menma loved all of them equally, though in different ways.

And so, with the confession of the reasons behind their selfishness..

Back at the Yadomi house, Menma has remembered her wish, which was actually a promise to Jintan’s mother, Touko-san. She finds that she has already made that wish/promise become reality because she is slowly becoming less and less opaque.

Menma’s Wish/Promise:

Touko-san was worried about Jintan never showing emotion and always putting on a brave face and straining himself. Menma promises that she will get Jintan to express himself more (mainly through crying), worrying about it so much that she even comes back to make sure that she fulfills her promise to Touko-san. The day that she had called the Super Peace Busters together was the day that she was trying to keep her promise. It failed then, but since coming back, Menma was able to get Jintan to show so much more emotion, and so her wish was granted.

Jintan runs home to get Menma so that the Super Peace Busters, waiting at the secret base, can send her off properly. Menma explains that she had remembered her wish and he notices that she is weakening. Jintan tells her to hold on.

She needed to be able to stay until at least everybody had said their good-byes to her.

Once there, Jintan can no longer see her.

Menma pretends that she is hiding, and while everybody runs out to search for her, she uses her remaining strength to write everybody a note in her journal and to scratch a few words at the end of the carving of “Super Peace Busters” on one of the wooden boards in the secret base.

Tsuruko’s Note:

Yukiatsu’s Note:

Poppo’s Note:

Anaru’s Note:

Jintan’s Note:

And finally, everybody can see and hear Menma once more.

Menma confesses that, really, she wants to stay with them just a bit longer, to play with them just a bit longer, that’s why now that her wish has been granted, she will be reincarnated so that she can be with them again.

So, the game of hide-and-seek finally over, Menma is found.

And Menma passes on.

Everyone has been changed for the better, all guilt washed away now that Menma made it to where she should have been.

And so..

Overall: Infinityx0+1/10 (I’m still struggling very hard not to cry, and again, see KnT2S10KnT2S12, and even HI3 for an explanation of the score)

AfNE: (I would say Infinityx0+1/10, but THIS WAS THE FINAL EPI OF AhMHnNwBwMS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

EotSaaW: Infinityx0+1/10 (Probably, as of now and for a very long while, the best anime I have ever watched, and my absolute favorite out of all the ones I have seen. Quite an extensive list if you check out my Anime page)


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