Nanazzha no Sekai

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Episode 11

Posted on: June 27, 2011

Ibuki warns Ui not to keep trying to trick herself into thinking that she didn’t like Kazuma, because there were, undoubtedly, many other rivals vying for his affections, including even..

DUN DUN DUNNNN (that also happens to be my father's name -_-)

-sigh- Then, she laughs it off and fools gullible Ui into thinking that she (Ibuki) was just joking.

Later, Ui receives a call from Ayumu, who has a rather startling request..

hm.. that's not sudden at all..? What brought that on?

The next morning, Kazuma is essentially kicked out of Yorozuyo and told to take a stroll or something (and to take his sweet time).

On said stroll, he bumps into Ibuki, also with nothing of much importance to do, seeing as how Ui had already been reserved and was now occupied with a previous commitment.


it's a date!

On another note, Ibuki looks really cute in that outfit ^^

Back at Yorozuyo, it seems that Ui had misinterpreted Ayumu’s wish to have her act as a model for him..

oopsies. Silly Ui, not THAT kind of model!

In Honchou, Ibuki tries on a few clothes..

Outfit Number One

Outfit Number Two

Outfit Number Three

Of course, Outfit Number Three inevitably results in this:



and this:

Ah, Ibuki.. I feel your pain….

Back at Yorozuyo, Ayumu and Ui take a break and Ui asks why she was chosen as the model, to which she receives this, again startling, answer:

hm.. guess she and Kazuma didn't get the memo ┐(´ー`)┌

Back to Kazuma and Ibuki, Ibuki laughs because some lady at the karaoke place thought that they were a couple, so now that they were back in their little residential area, Ibuki goes with the flow and pops the question..


Then she once again blows it off as a joke.

Kazuma, walking back to Yorozuyo, replays the whole encounter once more, then pulls a manly man face as he realizes something.

oh, so manly.

So he runs back to the gazebo thingy where they had been sitting when that whole confession-as-a-joke thing occurred and Ibuki is still sitting there.

So he apologizes.

Fittingly, it begins to rain just as Ibuki begins crying, still pretending, and failing at convincing Kazuma, that her confession had been a joke.

And upon returning home, Ibuki is drenched from the rain.

NOES, IBUKI!!!!! (つд;)

The next morning, she shouts her anger to the village at the Conservatory and feels better and more ready to take on the world than ever..

Ui catches up to Ibuki on the path to school and reveals that, after an incredibly belated congratulatory marriage call to her brother the night before, as a result of thinking deeply about Ayumu’s “Do whatever I can do to make Onii-chan smile”, she (Ui) is now an aunt!

Oh Ui..

Overall: 10/10 (I’m deeply saddened by the fact that Ibuki will not be the one that Kazuma ends up with, or Hina, but oh wells.. I’m sure we all knew who his soul mate would be since the start of the anime anyway -_-)

AfNE: 10/10 (All right, all right.. How can I not look forward to it? It’s the final HeKH episode!)


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