Nanazzha no Sekai

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Episode 9

Posted on: June 23, 2011

SAKAI HINASODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kazuma runs into a hungry hungry Hina at the park.

So he does the logical thing and buys her food :)

He begins speaking with her as the pace of her nomming slows and he finds that Hina had run away from home..

He wonders what Hina-sama was going to do and where she was going to stay, seeing as how she brought nor wallet, nor change of clothes..

uh oh.. puppy eyes..

they seem to have no effect....?

And as Hina leaves, he caves in and calls to her.

And she turns around…

om nom nom nom nom

….still nomming.

Kazuma sneaks Hina into Yorozuyo and up to his room where he plans to let her stay for a while.

He warns her about the weird slanted ceiling..

Kazuma goes downstairs for some dinner and Hina spots these:

Leading her to this:



And this:

She puts her clothes back on, but it seems that she’s forgotten one thing of relative importance..


It turns out that Hina ran away from home because her dad didn’t want her going to a university in Tokyo, even though she planned on going there so that she could find ways to help out with the family business (Sakai Distillery) in different ways, since just getting a whiff of sake made her dizzy, and therefore, ruled out her helping by making.

Hina smile:

The next morning..

And then ‘Nee-san comes in for Kazuma’s futon..


Gotta love how ‘Nee-san screws up on the proverb ^^

Later, Hina’s father tries to take her back..

Kazuma steps in to help Hina, but nobody can beat ‘Nee-san in an intimidation match..

LOL. Huge, masculine, manly-man buff-guy Hina daddy is afraid of  spaghetti arms!

Anyhow, Hina’s dad challenges Kazuma to a tug-of-war match and the customary uniform is this:

Of course, Ayumu shows up in the same getup..

HA HA HA. Playing on his shoutacon, again.


Anyhoo, Kazuma wins.

And he gets a HUG!!

Lucky >3<

And later at the Sakai household, it is dinner time..


Her mother reveals that Hina’s father was planning on losing intentionally to play the helpful, behind-the-scenes daddy, but he got serious halfway through and ended up losing anyway as the battle became a test of stamina.

And so, Hina goes upstairs to thank her father ^^

Overall: 10/10 (HIIIIIIINAAAA)

AfNE: 10/10 (Explanations and background on Kazuma’s relationship with Madoka)


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