Nanazzha no Sekai

Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Episode 8

Posted on: June 20, 2011

Kazuma now gets to address Ibuki by her first name  ^^

Anyhoo, at the beach, Kasane pushes Madoka into Kazuma, and he is surprised to find that he isn’t sent flying after touching her.

It turns out that she was okay with him since he had invited her to the beach, so now they were considered friends.

Kasane's face is just, "DOHOHOHO~"

Later, we find that Ibuki can’t swim, to which Kazuma responds with..

LOLOLOL reference to episode 6

To which Ibuki replies with:

a more-or-less, aptly-placed kick

He later teaches her how to swim :)

Madoka asks Ui what she thinks of Kazuma and she racks her brain a bit before replying that she felt for him what you would feel for an older brother.

Tsumugi-senpai buys a watermelon and so everybody gathers for the watermelon smashing!

DOHOHOHOHO~ that face again

And so the watermelon smashing commences!

But first, to check whether or not the blindfold is blinding enough..

uh oh.. this can't possibly end well..

well, yes. That IS a pre-pubescent male's chest.

Oh no.

And the Kazuma smashing commences!! (yeah, i told you it couldn't end well..)

Of course, when it is Ibuki’s turn..

And when it is Ui’s turn..

LOLOL Hina's face! (Oh, and by the way? The person saying it is Tsumugi-senpai)

Oh, and a little tension grows between Ui and Ibuki because of the little issue about Kazuma now calling Ibuki by her first name ^^;

Overall: 13/10 (Thank you beach episode for the wonderful shots of Hina-sama!! And everybody else, i guess..)

AfNE: 100/10 (MORE SAKAI HINA-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!! IN FACT, IT”S AN HONEST-TO-GOODNESS, TRUE SAKAI HINASODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

i wish Hina's scenes could be longer so that i could take the double screenshot thing that i did for Panty




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