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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 8

Posted on: June 18, 2011

Panty and Stocking become cops for a day, and are met with the job of defeating zombie ghosts.

However, the Anarchy sisters, and the remaining, non-zombie ghost citizens, have to make a break for it because the police station cannot withstand the relentless zombie ghost onslaught.

Remembering a gun shop, they flee in that direction..

look, a gun store

Unfortunately, there is that other store right next to it..

And so, they all flee to “that other store right next to it” and it turns out that..


Of course, Panty is quite pleased with this outcome..

haa.. oh Panty

But in the end, the Angels are turned into zombies.

They enjoy their zombie-hood

To which both have not a single problem with -_-

The Demon sisters also end up as zombies.

well, you know.. "what goes around comes around" (I'm singing the song right now, not just saying it, 'cause that's boring)

And of course, when dawn arrives..

huh.. what now?

hm, a very fitting reaction.

2nd epi, Panty and Stocking are accused of murdering a Mr. Husband Petter, a pet ghost, married to a Mrs. Wife Petter, another pet ghost.

However, the host of the show (“Judgement Day”) and the prosecutor (or whatever, I’m bad with legal terminations), Tom Croose, are actually the Demon sisters.

the Demon sisters, after having been electrocuted by the Anarchy sisters' monkey lawyer

In any case (hahahahaha–shoot me), the monkey lawyer was able to prove the Angels’ innocence and prove Mrs. Wife’s (as well as Scanty’s and Kneesocks’s) guilt.

And all was well in the world.

Overall: 10/10 (Yeah, sure, I’ll give it a 10, just for the Angels’ reaction to their zombie-hood, Panty’s pole-dancing bit in the courtroom, and the Demons’ appearance in the above pic)

AfNE: 15/10 (Swimsuits. In the next epi. BAM.)


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