Nanazzha no Sekai

Hanasaku Iroha Episode 5

Posted on: May 16, 2011

Sorry for being all over the place, but I’m desperately trying to catch up on my posts since I’m 3-ish weeks behind for many of the anime I’m following >.<

oh Minko.. why couldn't this have been a yuri anime?

Tohru is recommended to go work for Fukuya by Ren-san, leaving Minko incredibly heartbroken (doesn’t help that she saw Yuina and Tohru ride off together on a motorcycle into the sunset).

Ohana passionately tells Minko to chase after Tohru because:

oh jeez.. see, this would be so much better if it was yurified.

To which Ohana gets this response:

Minko doesn't like the sound of that. It makes her resolve to become a chef seem weak.

And so..

I reaaaaaaaaalllllly wish this was yuri

Later, Minko explains (kind of) why she exploded on Ohana.


Minko needs to learn that if she doesn't want to become a hindrance to Tohru, then she needs to take her life into her own hands and practice harder to become a chef of equal, if not greater, talent. She can't just keep pining over her "lost savior".

Ohana realizes this, and so she replies to Minko the Downer with:

You tell her, Ohana

And so she storms on over to Fukuya Inn.

Go Ohana!!

says Yuina to Ohana

dawww I just had to put her on here, she's just too cute ^^

and confused Ohana is just as adorable ^//////^

And, it turns out..

so Tohru was just hired for the day as a helper..


hm... slight pity.. Rejection might have made Minko turn to Nako or Ohana

yeah, what was that about anyway?

-sigh- Yuina.. you and your accents and random desires

yep, that's all

Tohru, upon arriving back at Kissuiso, wonders..

oh Tohru-san, there are too many "what ifs" to be wondering about

-gasp!!- he DARES mention the unmentionable!!!"

And here is Minko’s reaction:

daww... Minko ^//////^ the Minko I love and adore is back XD

And later, on the way back to the dorms(?)..


of course, there is a condition..

Ohana's going to have an interesting time thinking up nicknames.. -_-;


But, when Ohana comes up with weird, kinda lame nicknames (and goes off on a tangent), Minko loses patience:

oh well, Ohana is a name that you really can't find a nickname for..

Overall: 10/10 (almost a 9-ish, but because Minko is so tsunderelicious and all and Yuina smiled so sweetly, I guess I’ll have to give it a 10, despite Minko’s earlier attack of lame, give-up-ness)

AfNE: 10/10 (huh, I don’t like the look of that redhead-ish lady)


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