Nanazzha no Sekai

Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 5

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Firstly, new character:

one of the class officers/representatives

Who is also:

hm.. she must be very important..

And this one:


is also:

the ever-famous, Sir Hawk


wow.. such a manly name.. -_- such a manly costume..

And let’s not forget this one:

Asuka (sorry she looks so snooty in this pic, it was hard to find one where she wasn't with somebody else)

who is known as:

oh, so she's a PRINCESS (oh look it's the nameless lady on the right)

Confused? Yeah, so am I.

Apparently, as I stated before in the previous OnTwN epi post, three souls are living in one body. But it’s not actually one body. It’s more like one area. When one is there, the other two are not, and can not. Kind of like how it is impossible for two objects in life to take up the exact same space at the same time.

I think that’s what it’s getting at.. -_-

oh? how so?

O.O no. way. Could have fooled me!

Hm.. epi ends with Hayato going a little crazy because of this:

uh oh, so much for "May peace prevail on earth"

Overall: 7/10 (uh, I only liked this because of the funny scene between Takauchi and Haneda (in the alternate universe) and because Haneda agreed to go on a date with Asuka)

AfNE: 7/10 (the preview was funny (“Sexy Hawk Cyanblue”) but I’m looking forward to not seeing him, hopefully ^^ unless it’s a HanedaxAsuka date epi)

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