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This is what happens when Andou doesn’t want you near her:

Imagawa Hayao gets Andou’s e-mail address after she accidentally runs into the men’s room because she is fleeing from the man being force-fielded away in the pic above.

He’s in the bathroom too, however.

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Niwa Makoto expresses his “I-don’t-want-to-deal-with-this” side.

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Ahaha! Ahahaha! Oh boys..

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I can’t really take screenshots of this one because I just liked the whole epi! ^^

I think it’s great to show how, although everybody has grown, gone their separate ways, and changed their appearances, they’re all still the exact same as they were years ago.

I find that such a beautiful aspect to this series.

I can’t even put it into words how great I feel that this anime is going to be.

I believe it has great potential to be such a smashing hit, but what I mean by that is not that it might become incredibly popular, per se, but the attitude and tone that it takes on such a topic is just so deep and thought out, but at the time, so simple and on the surface because of the way we notice it everyday, that it’ll just touch (almost) everybody’s hearts and leave them with a feeling of fulfillment and understanding that, things change, yes, but they don’t truly change.

Mother of all run-on sentences? I think so.

But you get my drift.

-sniff sniff tear- this was just too beautiful.

The topic is just so… so…. 42. I can’t think of any way to describe the way I feel right now, but since 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, I do believe that it fits astoundingly well in this situation.

Anyhoo, this epi was just too great. Not action-packed, but incredibly packed with meaning.

Overall: 10/10 (a bit lacking in a few areas that I am currently unable to think of, but otherwise, an utterly amazing episode)

AfNE: 10/10 (Anaru/Anjou Naruko with her hair down and straightened, I think..? Yes, definitely yes.  A most definite yes)

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