Nanazzha no Sekai

Tiger & Bunny Episode 3

Posted on: April 20, 2011

blah blah blah. Nothing much to say about this epi either, and again, I’m too lazy to take screenshots, especially since I need to do some major catching up right now..

Still, Tiger and Barnaby are getting along (if you can call it that) better and pretty much come to a mutual understanding at the end of the episode that there are times when you should really rely on reason, and others when it’s best to go with instinct.

Yup. That’s it.

OH, and did anyone else notice how it’s the black hero who is gay and it’s the black criminal that set the bomb up in this episode!?!?!???!?!?


I hate that.

Overall: 7/10 (pretty good, Tiger once again shows a good side to himself and he and “Bunny” finally work together a bit better)

AfNE: 10/10 (-in a very fast announcer voice- Blue-Roseisgoingtoquitbeingaherowhat!???!!??!?)


4 Responses to "Tiger & Bunny Episode 3"

Being gay is not a negative thing. You are implying that being gay is bad by saying that a gay black guy is racist. Surely that just makes you very homophobic.

Are you kidding me!? I’m all FOR the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, and transexuals! I absolutely LOVE yuri, and i think yaoi couples are cute! I’m part of the GSA at my school (even though I’m a ghost member) and there’s a colored boy at my school who is gay and I think he is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. I’m sorry, but I think you misinterpreted that comment. What I was trying to say is that I think the CREATORS are being racist for making the colored man, of all people, gay. So, again, I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, but that comment was not me being homophobic.

Actually, by saying: “racism for making the colored man, of all people, gay,” – you ARE implying that being GAY is something BAD.

You are ignorant.

Ack, you’re right. Forgive me, I see the gaping hole in my logic (more like, illogic) now >.<

And, if I may add, please do not make judgments about people that you don't really know :/ I may have terrible logic, but I am not ignorant ^^

So, once more, I am terribly sorry if I offended anyone! m(_ _)m

As you may have noticed, logic puzzles are my weak points..

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