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Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2

Posted on: April 12, 2011

WAHH!! Ohana Mama sudden transition to English is scary!

oh god, the fact that she uses English to say that just makes it that much creepier..

Ohana, under her grandmother’s orders, is to become a waitress (in other words, a housekeeper/cleaner) and is set under Nako’s wing. Of course, Nako refuses to make any eye contact whatsoever, explain what and why Ohana should and should not do something, and is generally ridiculously shy.

Eventually, Nako is called away and Ohana takes it upon herself to clean the next room (the Wave Room) and once finished, spots some unused ingredients lying around in the kitchen and cooks a fantabulous breakfast.

om nom nom nom nom

The head chef with the crew cut, Tohru, and Minko were apologizing about how there would be no breakfast because of a screw-up Minko made when all of a sudden, Tomoe cries out in wonder.

There is food.

Tohru jokes that Ohana might be even better at cooking than Minko, and Minko is infuriated.

She stalks out of the room, Ohana following, stating that she made the food because she had wanted to make it up to Minko for the futon incident.

Later, she tries it out herself.

Tohru, who was driving a white creeper van to get groceries and had decided to call her out to help since she had “big biceps”, then swerved on the road and almost crashed them and Ohana feels intensely remorseful. So, she gets out, walks back to the inn, and confronts Minko and Nako.

Promising to change herself as well, she tells them that she wants them to change, but she wants to get to know more about them too..

After tackling and screaming at them to tell her what their least favorite foods are, they finally divulge..

And so, she sticks true to her word and prepares their least favorite dishes the next day.

However, the occupant of the Wave Room (a tempermental writer) leaves us with a cliffhanger as he approaches Ohana saying, “It’s not my fault” after she reads the crumpled up papers he wrote about a character’s (Ohana’s, yes, same name) sensitive spot….

The episode ends with Ohana squeaking.

Overall: 10/10 (Love Minko~~ I really don’t like the writer, though..)

AfNE: 10/10 (what happens next!? What isn’t the writer’s fault??)


2 Responses to "Hanasaku Iroha Episode 2"

I’m already in love with this anime after two episodes. That scene where Ohana confronts the other girls is super cute! Loved it. ^ ^

ohmyfish me too!!!! i love all the characters and the art is gorgeous! definitely agree on the confrontation scene too, super super cute!

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