Nanazzha no Sekai

Nichijou Episode 2

Posted on: April 11, 2011

I would like to tell you all something.

When a weird bear waits at the front of your house.

Follows you.

Stops you.

Asks you if you dropped a wooden fish.

Asks you if you dropped a golden fish.

Takes your money.

Turns out to be a wrestler.

Turns out to be your sister.

You are probably:

a) on drugs and hallucinating

b) crazy insane and need to be entered into an asylum

c) reaaallly late for class

d) in need of serious help

e) a character on “Nichijou”

f) all the above

g) Q <–don’t ask me what, I just really wanted to put “Q” down on this post somewhere.


Oh, and another thing.

If a professor pulls out a remote, pushes a button, and a roll cake comes out of your arm.

And you are shocked.

You have good reason to wonder about the answer to that question.

And if a sweet bun comes out of your forehead…. well.. you have some issues..

Overall: 7/10 (don’t really care for this anime much)

AfNE: 5/10 (meh meh meh, I could care less)


2 Responses to "Nichijou Episode 2"

Waaahahah, it is funny though. Verrrry random….

Q will be my final answer!

haha!! Yeah, I guess that’s one of it’s better points X) And, YOU ARE COOOOORRRRRECT!!! Q IS the CORRECT ANSWER!! CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON A FREE TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO–oh wait.

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