Nanazzha no Sekai

Dog Days Episode 2

Posted on: April 11, 2011

What did he just say??



So, anyway, it seems that this “war” they have going on now is really more like just a MMORPG-ish because the teams don’t really die, they don’t have to be afraid of falling off a suspension bridge or a cliff, there’s no blood, there are different “players” and “roles”, and there are “frag” counts to tally up the “frags” to see which side is winning.



uh…say what?

oh no...even Eclair is saying it -_-

New chara-ish introduction~~

ooh~~ getting cozy on the battlefield~

helloOO Leonmichelle~


And the announcers…

ahh. a giant bird that vaguely resembles murkrow. i'm terrified.

After Leonmichelle departs, Eclair and Shinku (who are still lying on top of each other) try to get up, resulting in this:

aww…no no no..poor Eclair! I knew you were female!! (Though I did have to shoot glances at your chest to make sure..)

Then, when the two team up to fight Leonmichelle, this happens:

I will be calling you Leonmichelle-sama from now on.

And then, Eclair is publicly humiliated on live floating t.v. box thing..


Turns out, it was Shinku’s fault.

oh if Eclair didn't hate him enough before, she definitely HATES him now.

And Leonmichelle-sama departs after dropping a warning..

Why does that sound so naughty?

Since the Biscotti won, the princess (of which I am much too lazy too find a screenshot of her name for and who is a world renowned singer) will sing. If the Galette had won (the lion things) there would have been a liquor festival thingamajig.

Oh. And, Shinku can’t get home ^^

Overall: 10/10 (thank you, fan service)

AfNE: 6/10 (meh. From the title, it seems that all it will be about is Shinku wanting to get home, but can’t. Flognarde)


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