Nanazzha no Sekai

Maria Holic Alive Episode 1

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Maria Holic is baaaaaack!!!!

With yet another ridiculous, nosebleed-y episode!

This time, Miyamae Kanako (and her friends: Momoi Sachi, Inamori Yuzuru, and Nanami Kiri) must face the trials of the First Girls’ Dorm in order to reach the famed magnolia tree of the Heartthrob Jinx where she can proceed to confess to the girl of her dream and thus, be bound to her for eternity~~

Upon reaching the First Girls’ Dorm, the band is met with the Gate of Trials. Sachi picks the lock with her lock-picking kit she had handily brought along. Once inside the dorm, Ishima Ryuken joins the group.

The tree, thankfully and helpfully, has a little sign to direct and guide questing souls toward it.

go THAT way.

The trials are also very helpfully labeled X)

Trial the First

...of which you must sit in an obscenely hot bath until your skin blisters without complaint and however many seconds you can do so gains you that many coins.

Trial the Second

Of which you must enter a coin previously won from the first trial to summon....Shinouji Matsurika.

Trial the Third

Of which you must pitch a ball from 20-ish-feet and strike out all 9 squares? Matsurika is called upon (using 10 of the previously won coins) and she steps up within a foot of the board and punches all the cards out.

Trial the Fourth

Of which you must run across 30 feet of treadmill moving along at about 65 mph.

The group of girls eventually makes it to the boss. Who is of course…the Boss/God/Dorm Leader/Ryouchou-sensei/The Young Girl with the Cat Ears/Final Boss Dorm Mistress.

Of which you must give her what she wants, which is...

a Strawberry Rice Cake with some tea...

Coincidentally and incidentally, Kiri has just what God wants.

And so the girls arrive at the tree.

Turns out, there was a back door they could have come in from, had they so wished.

oh look, a shortcut.

And once again, we see that Kanako is plagued with the same misfortune that was characteristic of her in the first season.

Overall: 6/10 (meh, I didn’t really care for it, but that’s just me..only plus: humor and unabashed display of desire for lesbianism)

AfNE: 7/10 (hopefully, this season will be even better than the last in humor and whatnot)


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