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IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 12 [FINAL]

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Wow. I’m super po’ed right now.

I blogged this episode over my spring break, but it didn’t go through so now I have to re-blog it, and apologize to everyone who did not get to read it because stupid wordpress likes to sign you out randomly as you are adding a new post.

Anyhoo, the girls are kicking unmanned drone @$$ while Ichika is dreaming of a white-haired girl who evokes a great sense of nostalgia for him.


Nah, just kidding.

Meanwhile, the girls are not able to keep up their advantage of numbers over the drone for long, and we all know that in order for it to be defeated, Ichika needs to be there, since he is the harem group’s unofficial leader.


Back with Ichika, another person in his dream is asking him if he wants power.

He does.

He wants to use his power to defend and protect his nakama (those closest to him who are not exactly family and not exactly lovers, but are more to him than friends).

The girls are defeated and just as Houki is blacking out, of course, her last thought is that she wants to see Ichika.

His voice suddenly calls her back to consciousness.

Ichika is here to save the day and he comes bearing a ribbon and the wish that she have a happy birthday!

The rest of the girls regain power as well and with Ichika leading the pack, they fly off to kick drone @$$.

Houki deeply wishes to be able to help, and suddenly, Byakushiki’s one-off ability makes its first-ever appearance!

and her shield energy is back to full(800) energy!

She zooms over to Ichika and just as his energy dips to an alarming low (10%), she flies over and shares her strength, giving him 400 (half) thingies to use!!

And Ichika defeats the drone.

Upon making it back home, Chifuyu-nee is there to give them an earful, however, Maya-chan-sensei reminds her that they must be tired from all that work, and so…


Later, at dinner, everybody is asking questions about what happened, but the group (excepting Houki who is not there, and suspiciously enough, Ichika as well) deny any enlightenment as Chifuyu-nee ordered.

Somewhere sitting on a bluff overlooking the beach, Tabane is thinking to herself when Chifuyu-nee walks up and poses two hypothetical situations..

1) A certain genius called a boy over to an IS on a certain exam day and made the IS move then, and only then, thereby making it seem like he was able to use it when all other males could not.

2) A certain genius wanted to make a big deal out of her little sister’s debut and created a situation where an unmanned drone went berserk so that she (the sister) could use it as her debut.

Tabane only announces that that genius must be quite the genius. Then, she asks Chifuyu-nee if she thinks that this world is fun, and after Chifuyu-nee states that she does, Tabane smiles in an unusually solemn and world-weary way and disappears.

On another part of the beach, Ichika is sitting with his feet in the water when Houki walks up..

she liiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes it~~~~

Houki apologizes for getting him hurt, then becomes angry when he brushes it off as nothing. So, logically, Ichika goes to the next step..

whoaa... already in that part of the relationship, huh?

He flicks her forehead and Houki tells him to take her seriously, then asks him..

ara ara ma ma ma.. so daring

Then, to answer the question, Ichika does this….


Only to find, this:


facing him point-blank.

Laura is a German ninja.

Charlotte highly disapproves.

Rin is primed and ready to go for his jugular.

Laura goes a little crazy.

Ichika and Houki decide to run away and elope amidst firing death lasers.

Overall: 10/10 (sure, I’ll give it a 10. A fitting end to an okay anime. Nice enough, I liked the first childhood friend ending–which is rare, because I usually don’t like the chilhood friend)

Afne: (that’s it for this one as well!)

EotSaaW: 8/10 (fan service and lots of girlxmecha, so if you like such things, go for it!)

oh, and Houki's at the front of the pack again.

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