Nanazzha no Sekai

Tiger & Bunny Episode 1

Posted on: April 5, 2011



When you’re a superhero, even your escape gets a name.

The Wild-Tiger (Kaburagi Kotetsu) is a hero who can magnify his strength 100x for 5 minutes.

The seven heroes (who, by the way, have their own trading cards) are Fire-Emblem, Rock-Bison, Dragon-Kid, Origami-Cyclone, Sky-High, Blue-Rose, and Wild-Tiger

However, a new hero arrives (I have a feeling he’ll be the Bunny of the title) who can do the exact same thing as Wild-Tiger, except that he’s more youthful, and judging from this first episode, much more effective at being a hero.

Tiger is signed off to a new company to work for and is given both a new suit and a partner to work with, since that is what the company’s selling point is.

Oh, and besides that, he promises to go see his daughter’s (Kaede’s) recital the next day.

And that’s basically it.

Woot. Another first epi done.

Overall: 8/10 (This wasn’t half bad :D It’s actually quite amusing. I think I’ll enjoy this)

AfNE: 8/10 (I have nothing particularly interesting to say about anticipation, but it seems that Tiger will be missing Kaede’s recital…)


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