Nanazzha no Sekai

Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 13 [FINAL]

Posted on: April 4, 2011

-gasp!- oh noess!! Rio is losing!

However, Rio decides..


Rio’s roll ruler continuously overpowers Rina’s and at the last battle, the Joker reveals herself to the girls in Rio’s roll ruler. She tells them that this roll ruler will not allow them to lie. So Rina says..

yuri yuri yuri yuri

um... she needs to make up her mind!!

Oh, then Rio wins.

She gets all 13 Gates and becomes the MVCD.

There is a rainbow thing that shoots out from the gates and Risa explains that it grants all wishes, basically being the ultimate roll ruler. Rio steps in.

The casino guild comes barging in with guns, ready to kidnap the new MVCD and turn her into a dummy for them to manipulate.


Suddenly, weird afro-guy uses his sword and slices the guns. Turns out, he and Risa are

how official, Mr. Weird Afro Guy

However, Rio (before we find out that Risa and Afro Guy were part of the ICDG) wishes for “This and that”, though I’m pretty sure it’s something about wanting everybody to be lucky or something.

The casino guild leaves.

And the rainbow that Cartia really wanted to see spans the sky.


I guess she doesn’t know that there are rainbows after the rain, but meh ┐(´ー`)┌ (Haha, okay.. I know she wanted to see the rainbow created by the union between the 13 Gates and the MVCD)

And that is almost the end.

Because there is this..

What. It looks like Rio's/Rina's dad? (There was a shadowed outline of him in the epi)

Woww another child. Their daddy is bizzaaayyy

Overall: 9/10 (Sure, I’ll give it a 9. It was an okay epi though it was predictable because “Rio, Rio, she’s our wo-man! If no one can do it, Rio can!” You know, that kind of thing)

AfNE: (This is the end for this too, though the shot of the two above hint at a second season? And there is a new anime that is noted to be similar coming out this spring)

EotSaaW: 7/10 (meh. Not great, it was just barely an okay series. Really, just casino women with big breasts and some fan service. The plot was really aimless too, in my opinion..)


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