Nanazzha no Sekai

Dog Days Episode 1

Posted on: April 4, 2011

Drugs are bad for you.

They will make you see...things.

Cute squishy cat ball things...

OH. But it does give you the amazing power of astute observation!

(Sorry, you’re probably going to have to click on the pic to see that tiny caption better..)

However, there are more cons than pros since they also give you delusions of invincibility.

-sigh- and they cause hallucinations about giant birds and evoke realistic sensations of flight..

Yeah, and they make you think that the world is a theme park just for you.. >3<

Okay, to be slightly more serious, there is a war going on that is basically cats versus dogs.

The teams are the Lion Knights from Fronyald South Central against the Biscotti from the Biscotti Republic.

Each side is supposed to have a Hero or Knight and for the Lion Knights, it is Leonmichelle (female) and for the Biscotti, it is Izumi Shinku (male).


Intro to one new anime done.

Kurogane pretty much sums this epi up.

Overall: 7/10 (kind of a lame start… I like how, once defeated, the warriors turn into their respective puff-ball animal things..)

AfNE: 7/10 (I think I’ll only be watching this for Leonmichelle and the nekomimi/inumimi..)


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