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Hourou Musuko Episode 11/12 [FINAL]

Posted on: April 3, 2011

My, how confusing.. I guess last week’s episode was a 10+11 medley, but was only considered to be an epi 10, so this week’s is 11? Or maybe it was considered a 10+11 and so this is 12??

Anyhow, the kids are getting ready for another school festival, it seems (wow, they have a lot). Nitori’s class is doing another play, Takatsuki’s class is doing a wish-upon-the-fake-shooting-star thing, and Chii’s class is doing a town history performance (boooooringg).

Nitori is relatively torn about what to do about the play because the class likes Doi’s ad-libbing more than they do his actual script. Doi says that his script is stiff. However, Chiba says that it’s really good and wishes that her class was doing a play too. She invites him over, saying that she has a lot of new dresses and that he could invite Takatsuki as well.

After school, Nitori goes to Chiba’s house and he dresses up, Chiba giving him a hairpiece. This moment happens:

hm... seems Chiba still harbors a few feeling for him

And when Takatsuki arrives, Chiba tells her to put a dress on too. Takatsuki (who, by the way, has cut her hair again noesss!!) angered, slips it on over her clothing. She and Chiba laugh at how bad it looks. Nitori notices that

I'm sorry, Nitori, but I don't think it will be possible for you three to go back to that time as completely as you might hope.

The next day, Nitori reads over Doi’s revisions as he’s decided to let Doi help him. Nitori really likes them. Doi kind of convinces him to go back to school since he has only been coming to the practices.

The next day, Nitori goes to school.

The next scenes are just the classes getting ready for the festival and may I just say that Sasa reminds me of a puppy?


It is suddenly the day of the festival. Woot.

Anna strongly refuses to go because she’s afraid Maho will be angry that she dumped Nitori.

Maho, however, is more preoccupied with getting a picture of Seya (her boyfriend if you will recall) since her class is doing a male maid café. Huh.. these kids really like cross-dressing. It’s a mockery of Nitori, but still..

Meanwhile, Chii, Chiba, Sasa, and Momo are strolling around the school because:


I kind of feel like I’m part of a minor, non-binding cult because of the way that I insist on talking about and posting a pic of Chii in every “Hourou Musuko” post.

Moving on, the foursome go visit Takatsuki’s classroom.

Yay!! I'm ready to make a wish!


My, such an astute observation, Chiba-san

Afterwards, Mako-chan asks Nitori what he wished for. It turns out that he wished that the play would be a success. Mako suddenly breaks down a little and says that he’s been jealous of Nitori for all this time since he became his friend. Standing next to Nitori had made him feel incredibly inferior since he wasn’t cute. Walking away, Nitori says,


On the other side of campus, Chiba’s weird neighbor, Ninomiya, comes to school dressed like a girl. He gloats about it, thinking that nobody has noticed him at all. However, Chiba’s mother is there and oh yes, she notices.

Oh, and Anna wants to go home.

aww.... Anna

Seya comes out and welcomes Tamaki (the girl in braids) and Maiko. Distracted by Maho, Anna breaks free from Maiko and runs away.

Of course, as luck would have it, she bumps into Nitori…cross-dressing..


She gets no answer..

aww... (again) Anna-chan is cuute~

Blushy Anna ^^

Then Nitori drops the bomb.



Takatsuki and Chiba are watching, Chiba tells Takatsuki that she really did always think that Nitori was special, but now she knew he was just an ordinary boy. Takatsuki corrects her. Nitori, Chiba, Chii, Sasa, Mako, Momo, and her.. they were all special.

Chiba says that it’s boring to think that they were all special, but then she says that that was just how Takatsuki was, and runs away.

Yuki-san goes to the festival. Chiba’s mom still thinks something is weird about Ninomiya (who is still dressed as a girl).

Nitori and his class get ready for the play. A girl, asking for one of her lines, notices something..

aw.. Nitori is becoming a man

And Nitori just nods and acknowledges it.

The play begins.

Overall: 10/10 (I liked this ^^ A blushy Anna and pony-tailed Chii are AWESOME!!!)

AfNE: (You know, I think this is it for this too ^^ It’s April after all)

EotSaaW: 10/10 (You know, I have to give this one full points too because it touched on a subject that does affect pre-pubescents sometimes. I enjoyed this and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys “slice of life” anime)


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