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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 12 [FINAL]

Posted on: April 2, 2011

Sawako can’t stop smiling..


However, Sawako realizes that, while she cannot stop thinking about her new boyfriend, she also cannot stop thinking of Kurumi.

She says this to Chizu and Yano and runs off to find the girl in question. Just before she exits the classroom, however, Chizu shouts out that whatever the other girls were feeling and whatever they did, it wasn’t her (Sawako’s) fault.

oh yes, Chizu, yes. Yes it is.

Kurumi is, however, fighting her own minor battles. She overhears some jealous girls talking about how they should have tortured Sawako more before and laughs out loud.

suckers, Kazehaya likes honest people. Not those who go around making others miserable

Then, Kurumi makes a rather astonishing statement, but proves herself as a better person than the others (in my opinion) with it:

oh Kurumi.. you gain points just by admitting your faults

Sawako had walked up a little while ago and overheard the short bit at the end. The jealous girls immediately pounce on her and attack her with questions. Kurumi steps up once again:

YES! Tell them, Kurumi!

Yes, he did. Thank you for pointing that out to them, Kurumi!

Jeez, Kurumi is just full of win this epi.


Kurumi runs away, Sawako follows, the other girls almost go too, but Yano and Chizu stop them. Chizu says some pretty deep things and Yano delivers the coup d’etat. The jealous girls are defeated.

And so they all cry.

Up on the roof, Sawako tells Kurumi that she had confessed to Shouta and that they were now dating. Kurumi tells Sawako that it was because of her that she was brave enough to tell Shouta how she felt about him. And so she says:

awww, Kurumi~~~

Later that day, Kent tells Kurumi that he overheard her and Sawako’s conversation and asks her if she sometimes wished that he had taken Sawako. She responds that it would have been impossible. Had Shouta ever wanted her, he would have fallen for her ages ago. Yano walks up and pats her on the shoulder telling her that, yes, it would have been impossible for them.

Sawako, taking care of her herbal garden, is left with Shouta when he and Ryuu walk over, only to have Chizu (who was there with her at the garden) snatch Ryuu away. He says as they are walking away:

ahh, so frank

But, of course, we all know that ^^

And lastly.. two final squee shots…

Overall: 10/10 (this epi was beautiful. Kurumi stood up and grew up, Sawako became the person she wanted to be, Chizu and Ryuu got happified, and Shouta re-affirmed his love for Sawako)

AfNE: (^^ Haha! It seems that this is the end of a beautiful series…. I’m actually not too sure. I’d love it if it kept going, though I do think that this is a wonderful stopping point, gathering a sort of closure that is very fitting to this anime)

EotSaaW: Infinityx0+1/10 (Again, a series that was just so amazing that it broke the scale. Definitely worth my time and I’m very glad I chose to watch this ^^ I for sure recommend this for anybody who wants to watch a squee-worthy series!)


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