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Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 11

Posted on: March 31, 2011

It’s time for the festival after-party!!!!

Chizu and Yano deliberately leave a little later so that Sawako and Shouta can walk to the karaoke spot alone.

Of’s a liiiiittlle awkward..

oh no!! She just snuck a peek at him and he was looking at her at the same time!!

Sawako freaks out, jumping in a circle with a tomato face, while Shouta is flustered about why she's so flustered..

They eventually get to the karaoke house..where Jo and some other guy are re-enacting Shouta and Sawako’s “Yatto, todoita….” moment.

The girls go crazy. “Are they going out?!!???!??!???!??”

Shouta’s answer, Sawako’s gawk, and Jo’s response..

animated gif maker

Oh yes, Jo. Shouta is incredibly serious.

A little later, Pin is all alone at the beach, drinking. Kent shows up with a bunch of girls from a different class. A short while after, Shouta, Sawako, Chizu, Yano, and Ryuu arrive as well, and Kent drags Shouta away, while Pin beckons for Sawako to talk with him a bit.

Kent tells Shouta not to make Sawako cry again, basically saying that she was crying that one day because she had heard that Shouta liked somebody (-coughfromKentcough-).

Pin, meanwhile, is whispering something to Sawako, and when Shouta walks over, Pin asks if he’s really going out with Sawako. He questions whether Shouta had come right out and asked her to date him, saying: definitely does not

So, just as Shouta says, “Will you–“, Pin adds, “–marry me?”


Sawako scurries away shouting, “Let me think about it!!”‘

Shouta chases after and finds that what she meant by that was, “Let me fantasize about it.”

Then, Kazehaya does the deed:



And Sawako says yes.

Then she asks for permission to say something really important too, pleading for him not to hate her. He could never hate her. So she says this:

HOO boy.'re gonna make his horny teenage mind implode

And everything is good.

What. What is this. I don't even--. I--. This--gah..what.

But, sadly there is sad Kurumi..

I bet she's going to cut her hair.

Anyhow, the next day, Sawako wakes up to find little post-it notes saying that last night wasn’t a dream.

oh yes. Sawako's aura becomes pink and flowery and happy again (I love the three fly-hairs!!)

I really like this pic. In my opinion, it holds a lot of weight. Just this simple touch to the paper shows, in her eyes, how surreal the night was and her euphoria at such an event.

At school, everybody has heard the news and is convinced that Sawako truly has black magic and can hook them up with their significant others.

They also believe she hexed Shouta into liking her back, but when Sawako, Yano, and Chizu get to their classroom, Shouta is trying to convince onlookers that he had always liked her and it wasn’t her supposed “magic”.

Yano slyly tells him to make it crystal clear for everyone by telling them what Sawako was to him.

ara ara ma ma ma~ ohohoho!! So daring~~

Then, the ever-unpredictable Takahashi-san comes up with a simple diagram to explain everything for the hoi polloi.

ohh.. i see!

Kent, at the door, finally sees how perfect they are.

Damn RIGHT it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( So don't you DARE do anything to mess this up!!!

And Kurumi drifts by (she didn’t cut her hair though) and Kent gives voice to the general consensus on this whole affair..

Yes.. well.. I'm afraid that's how love works >.<

And two girls who were at the locker when Sawako, Yano, and Chizu were talking about how Sawako had won Shouta fairly and couldn’t be bullied anymore ran to their leader. Miss Leader-san (haha, redundant) was not happy about this news. My (incredibly accurate) guess is that she liked Shouta, along with half the girls at school.

Things aren’t looking too “up” for Sawako..

Overall: 10/10 (YES this is good ^^ did not beat last week, but it still provided a lot of squee and showed how euphoric Shouta and Sawako are now that their feelings have touched and blended with each other)

AfNE: 10/10 (I don’t see how i can not be excited for the next epi now that things are like this and the world is right!)


2 Responses to "Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 11"

I just watched the last episode, guess what my favorite part that had me lol’ing for at least 15 seconds straight was.


Ryuu: Oh and btw, I like you.

Rofl!!!! Best way to say it ever. Now I want to spring that line on someone just to see them completely speechless for a few seconds rofl…Epic win.

GAHHHH I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVEN”T WATCHED THAT ONE YET!!! I THOUGHT YOU MEANT THIS ONE, YOU MEANIE-HEAD ~\(>3<)/~ GRAAHAAAABAAAAAGAGAGABAAHAAAAAA!!!

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