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Dragon Crisis! Episode 12 [FINAL]

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Okay, let’s do this thing.

Rose wakes up and finds Sapphie is there, waiting for her to regain consciousness. Her fever has gone down, but to Sapphie’s surprise, Rose does not remember her.

Kai comes in and explains that the medication Rose took had memory loss as a side effect. They will take her back to Albania the next day.

Meanwhile, Maruga is trying to hold a serious conversation with Ryuuji and Eriko, but Ryuuji leaves, saying tha the has to get ready for dinner. (Oh, and Bianca, again, materializes in their appartment).

Maruga chases him out into the street, insisting that Ryuuji listen to her.

She twists her ankle, and Ryuuji ends up listening.

She convinces him to fight for Rose and break the boundaries to create a human-dragon relationship that up until now was considered impossible.

with pleasure, your highness!!

Back at the apartment, Bianca and Eriko suddenly hear something at the window and when they pull the curtain open, they see Sapphie flying away and the info concerning Rose’s flight written on the window.

The next day, Ryuuji takes off with Eriko. Upon leaving the apartment, Misaki is waiting and he tells her that he’ll be back.

In the plane, Sapphie is trying to get Rose to remember again and Onyx appears, telling Sapphie to get refreshments for Rose.

Suddenly, as the plane is taking off, Maruga is on the asphalt in front of the plane and Onyx tells the pilots to carry on.

Maruga responds with a, “My, how appalling.” As well as:

oops, did i forget to mention that before? Well, here it is now.

and she proceeds to freeze the ground.

Kai tells the pilots to regain control and take off but the intercom system and whatnot have all been taken over by Ryuuji’s side.

Sapphie tries once more to get Rose to remember, bringing ice cream.

Ai suddenly appears.

hm, that looks comfy..

Ryuuji, Ai, and Eriko get to and into the plane on time (thanks to Eriko-san’s scary driving) just as Rose remembers everything.

Ryuuji tells her, basically, that he wants to grow old with her.


Suddenly, the plane wrenches into the air. Onyx, in full dragon form, is carrying it in his talons and planning to take it to wherever like that.


ohho!! The famous Kisaragi couple are there on the roof of a skyscraper, throwing giant knives to distract Onyx! (Or at least, his dad is)

Just as suddenly, Ryuuji and Rose do a..

man, only the Japanese can make a name that ridiculous and pull it off without it seeming too cheesy

and, no joke, a giant pink heart explodes into the sky, enveloping the Onyx and disintegrates him.


Then, after this giant pink heart fades, Bianca (still again) materializes on the roof of the building the Kisaragis are standing on and asks..

oh you fangirl you

The plane lands again, safely, and Ryuuji and Rose fall asleep against a (really really really really small) jet wheel.

well, it's either that, or they have suddenly become giants.

okay.. well.. maybe they have..

Maruga concludes that it was their high level engage that expended all of their energy.

And Ai..

just looks weird in this pic.. it's the eyes.

aww… poor Ai X( Ryuuji wasn’t the best man for you anyhow.. I think you deserve better :D

The next day-ish, I think, things get hectic.

Ryuuji is just surrounded by girls.

OH. And guess who the new teacher is..

(*hinthint* it's Kai)

Oh. And Tokura-san..

was watching from this tiny little camera placed at the back of the room lodged in the corner of a locker..

Someone is watching you... (Pokémon reference.. Mystery House)

Overall: 10/10 (Yeah, it’s the last epi, I’ll be a bit generous.. I didn’t flat out hate it ^^ and I liked how Ryuuji’s harem all the female characters from earlier on came back into this one epi)

AfNE: …. (PSHH!!! HAHAHA!! This was the last one!! I don’t know if I liked this enough to want another season though..)

Evaluation of the Series as a Whole: 8/10 (meh, like I kind of said before, this could have been a lot worse, but I’m glad it wasn’t a waste of my time)

And that's the end.

3 Responses to "Dragon Crisis! Episode 12 [FINAL]"

“meh, like I kind of said before, this could have been a lot worse, but I’m glad it wasn’t a waste of my time”
So not exactly a stellar recommendation huh? I’m not too excited about this series either.

nah, I’m afraid not >.<; it was an okay series to pass the time, but I didn't really feel that connection. No real "SQUUEEE!!!!" moments (like in Knt 2nd Season). You could watch it for Ai, or Eriko (my personal favs, but I wouldn't recommend unless you like "loli+plain-ish guy who manages to get every single girl wrapped around his finger though he's too blunt to notice" ending.

oh. And not to mention the fact that the ending was really quite abrupt..

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