Nanazzha no Sekai

Dragon Crisis! Episode 11

Posted on: March 28, 2011

Wow, guys, total derp. Sorry.

Last week my netbook decided to turn itself off in an area where I had no internet connection so I couldn’t reload this epi.. and I derped and forgot about it entirely ^^; Yeaahh.. not good.

Anyhow, I’m gonna make this (really) short and sweet.

And sorry again, but no pics, I’ve got to post this week’s epi too.

Rose has become an “adult” now that Ryuuji has kissed her dragon mark.

They go to school.

Bianca appears at the front door and Eriko gets buzzed, annoyed with the way the two were all blushy all the time.

At school, Rose tries to get advice from Misaki, Ryuuji tries to get advice from Masato.

Both end up non-enlightened.

Sapphie shows up at Ryuuji’s apartment knocking on the window and calling for Rose to open up so she can get the shoes she left last time. Bianca and Eriko are ready and waiting, trapping her in an anti-dragon rope thing. They demand to know what is going on with Rose.

During their physical fitness class, Rose keeps watching Ryuuji and Mao-chan (Misaki’s best friend and supporter) tells her that she better pick up the pace or lose to Rose.

Sapphie, meanwhile, is explaining that Rose is just getting ready to join and after a single night’s sleep, should feel much better. Eriko worries even more because Rose has not shown any signs of recovering.

Rose is increasingly feverish.

When Rose is called for the high jump, she jumps, spots Ryuuji, bumps the bar, falls to the cushion, and doesn’t get up.

Ryuuji freaks out and they (Eriko, Bianca, Ryuuji) take Rose to the dragon lab thing where her vitality whatchamits are quickly monitored.

Kai (Onyx’ servant lady person) suddenly comes in, saying that Onyx would like to speak to Ryuuji alone.

Onyx tells Ryuuji that he is not human, but is in fact a Lost Precious with the power to control and destroy dragons. The Dragon Crisis.

That is the reason why Rose was reacting to his kiss in such a way. The kiss was supposed to be between dragons, and a human-dragon interaction would do nothing. However, Ryuuji was the Lost Precious, Dragon Crisis, and the longer Rose stayed by his side, the more her condition would worsen.

So Ryuuji decides to give Rose up to Onyx, Sapphie, and Kai in the hopes that they will cure her.

Later, Mao tries to get Misaki to confess and instead, Misaki just tells Ryuuji that he’s changed, but if ever there was a need for him to vent or anything, she was there to lend an ear. He thanks her.

When he goes back home that night, Maruga is waiting and she demands that they talk.

Overall: 6/10 (meh, not great. BUTT(!!) Ai did show up and bring Ryuuji a bento)

AfNE: 8/10 (well, DUH i want to know what happens!!)


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