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Hourou Musuko Episode 10 + 11

Posted on: March 27, 2011

Interesting… a 2 epi mash-up/medley. How veeerrryyy interesting..

But anyhow, onto the epi:

Nitori, as I stated last post on HM, was sent home. Later, he visits Yuki-san with Maho’s boyfriend, Seya, and reveals that he went to school dressed as a girl, thinking it would be all right because Chii and Takatsuki were complimented and/or dismissed. However..

sorry hon, that's the way it goes (o・_・)ノ"(ノ_<。)

Maho refuses to go to school and Nitori is close to wanting to ditch as well.

However, after his visit to Yuki-san, he goes to school the next day but is confronted by harsh words spoken behind his back that are more than loud enough to carry to his ears.

Momo wants Chii to stop hanging out with Nitori because it would make her look like a freak, but Chii replies with:

and that is what makes you awesome, and that is what makes you you.

'Cause I'm a freak baby~

Mako-chan appears and Momo drags Chii away.

As Nitori and Mako-chan go up to their classroom, the boys in their class hold the door shut so that Nitori can’t get in, so he goes to the nurse’s office. On the way there, Doi passes him and says to him, “Baka janai ka.” (“Aren’t you an idiot?”)

Takatsuki, meanwhile, is thinking about how brave Nitori was. But as she is thinking, she is called out by some guy, Yama-P, who confesses to her. She turns him down and Yama-P’s little moron dwarf friend (who was eavesdropping) calls her stupid and a man for not accepting.

Takatsuki rounds the corner to find Chiba, who was listening.

In the bathroom, Chiba notes that Takatsuki was definitely a girl for enjoying the confession. Takatsuki strongly disagrees. Chiba then unearths the startling revelation that things like that were just going to happen more and more often since Takatsuki was really cute right now.

In Anna and Maiko-chan’s classroom, Maiko is asking Anna if she really considered Nitori her boyfriend, ticking off a small list of telling symptoms:


1) Kissing

2) Sex

soo..? anything?

3) No? Well, have you ever wanted ANYTHING sexual in the first place?


Anna gets annoyed and asks how it is supposed to be that Maiko-chan is the innocent one and Maiko returns fire stating that Anna isn’t a tease.

Anna just feels bad for Nitori because she doesn’t know what he’s going to do in the future.

Back in Nitori’s classroom, their deciding what to do for the school festival this year and somebody suggest the genderbender play thing again. Doi says that he’s “down with it”.

Later, Sasa informs Takatsuki and she(Sasa) reveals that she(again Sasa) really did enjoy last year’s play and thought it was a waste that Nitori was just narrator. This year, if he was willing, she(still Sasa) wanted him to participate in the cross-dressing, but worried that he would probably become an even bigger target.

Takatsuki makes her diversion(? Sorry, I can’t think of the word) tactic known:

huh. She's got big hands. Either that, or she's got those sticky, spider hook-like Velcro things that Spiderman has.

Suddenly, it’s summer break and Nitori is working on the play.

Anna breaks up with Nitori.

Just as suddenly, school is back in session and Nitori’s hair has grown out a little. The people in his class start calling him “Director” as he was the creator of the play and knew best how he wanted it acted out.

Doi and Nitori walk home.

Nitori tells him that he’s stopped dressing like a girl.

I think it’s because he thinks that people think he’s doing it because of pressure and whatnot, when in truth it’s all him and what he wants to do, and what he wants to do is cross-dress because he enjoys it.

He tells Doi that he will not dress as a girl and be ridiculed by people anymore.

says Nitori to Doi

Nitori walks the rest of the way home alone.

Sometime later, the grandmother(?) or family friend or somebody comes to visit and notes that Nitori has grown. She tells him to stand up next to Maho..

welps, Nitori is growing up.

You know, I really kinda wish that Nitori will become a woman, but since I don’t read the manga, I’ll just have to be left hanging.

Overall: 9/10 (I actually liked this mix of epis 10 and 11. Nitori’s obvious growth in both stature and sense of self were a large part in this two-in-one)

AfNE: 9/10 (NOES!!! Takatsuki cuts her hair again!! And it seems that Nitori’s voice will start changing. Sadly, Nitori is becoming a man)


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