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Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 12

Posted on: March 25, 2011

hoo boy.. this anime is coming to a close. Next week’s epi will be the last!

In any case, the gate battle between Rina Goltschmidt Tachibana and Rio Rollins Tachibana is officially announced, with official signing and official pictures and official reporters and official paparazzi.

But afterwards, Rio and Howard Resort’s original employees (or really, the ones we are introduced to) go on vacation~~

Of course, there are a few tag-alongs..

Mr. Black Weirdo With Afro And Weird Urine Issue can be seen between Blondie's hip and Elvis' torso

Oh, Dana is there too

-whistle- hel-LO Dana!!

Anyhoo, Rio and Co. land the cruise-ship-boat-thingy on some island and it turns out that Rio had come here once with her mother and Rina.

An old man that she had met then greets her.

But that is after the twins (the blue-haired girl and the green-haired girl) learn of hot spring ping pong.

And after this:


They get to the hot spring and the guys play hot spring ping pong..

oh, i definitely think that there's something going on between these two..

But the girls, on the other hand..

now THAT, is how you play ping pong

are playing REAL HOT SPRING PING PONG (hon mono onsen ping pong or something along those lines).

Oh, I am feeling extremely jelly right now.

Of course, this happens (because they’re just playing EXTREME ping pong):

whoo how dramatic

Which ultimately results in this:

hello fan-service

Afterwards, Mint goes in search of Rio because she has wandered off. She ends up running into the old man that had greeted Rio first after spotting this picture in the window of his little shop thing.

aww they look so happy ^^

She is invited into the old man’s place and given some cocoa to drink (he’s not a creeper, he’s just being nice).

Meanwhile, Rio is enjoying the nostalgia and decides to visit the vacation home she, her mother, and Rina had gone to so long ago. She notices that it’s very dusty, but imagines a time when she and Rina played together and showed affection for each other so openly.

Before she leaves, she notices that Chip is pointing insistently at a closed door. She is about to open the door when she gets an urgent phone call from Howard saying that Mint had gone missing after entering the forest to look for her and the vacation home. After the call, she opens the door to find nothing.

Had she opened the door sooner, she would have found Rina hiding behind it.

Mint is lost.

She loses her footing and slides down a small declivity, dropping Choco in the process, and is confronted with a bear.

An angry bear.

All of a sudden, Rina to the RESCUE!!

She uses her roll ruler on the bear and carries Mint to safety when she faints.

Howard, at the meeting spot where he picks Mint up, states that Cartia was lying about her (Rina’s) father cheating on her (still Rina’s) mother with Rio’s maternal unit.

Startling, Rina replies that she had known that long ago.

OH, and did anybody else notice how messed up Howard’s head was?

huh.. looks like SOMEBODY was in a hurry to finish these shots..

The next day, Rio and Rina’s gate battle is scheduled to begin.

Elvis is supposed to be the dealer, but then the Joker (-coughRisaRollinscough-) knocks him out and enters the battle room and becomes dealer.

They are to play poker once again and the first to reach 15 wins.

Wow. They remind me of mussel/clam/oyster/mollusk shells

Rina wins the first two hands and it seems that her roll ruler is overpowering Rio’s, but at the end of the epi..

hm.. her expression tells me that this is all part of her master plan..

Rio just smiles..

Overall: 6/10 (not cuttin’ it for me. It just feels almost like a filler, though we do learn a little bit more about their past, but by little, i mean an iota. But, I’ll give them points for putting Dana in a bathing suit.)

AfNE: 9/10 (this better end well or else I will be very “cross” that I’ve wasted time watching something that doesn’t deserve my time >3<)


3 Responses to "Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 12"

On a whim -or rather because someone told me to-, I decided to check out the ping pong scene… Mayoi Neko did it better.

really? I might have to add it to my “Plan to Watch” list then ^^ well.. maybe.. if there’s yuri ;P

you know, I think I will watch it (eventually). Cats are an INSTANT plus!!!

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