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To Aru Majutsu no Index II Episode 3

Posted on: March 23, 2011

oh geez, these nuns..

ooh~ Touma. Ladies' man~~

All right, but anyhow, I”m gonna pull a “it’s late, I’m tired, time to BS this”.

Quick as Crap Recap:

Orsola has been nun-napped (or so it seems) by the Amakusa Church.

Stiyl, Touma, and Index are trying to save her.

Back to the Present:

They have until 5 minutes before midnight to rescue Orsola because the Amakusa have some sort of weird ritual with a crazy portal opening the air or something of the sort.. I have no idea, I’m tired.

So anyway, Orsola bumps into Touma as she is trying to escape, and he breaks the magic bonds bonding her wrists and muffling her by using his Imagine Breaker.

He gives her the cross necklace that Stiyl gave him (saying that if he kept it with him, it would keep him safe) before evaporating with Index, literally. They totally just disappear. So anyway, this happens:

let me make a seductive face while you put a necklace on me, oh by the way, yeah, I'm a nun

he's already lucky enough to have biri biri!! why you be turn on -ness by nun lady!?

Suddenly, Stiyl appears and is totally getting his @$$ kicked by Spike Reincarnation.

Touma ends up fighting SR.

Touma wins.

Index worries later, as he is sitting on the bench, resting from his fight with SR, and asks if he is hurt anywhere.

Then she reveals her true motive..

uh oh..

Gif Created on Make A Gif


and that is what happens, comrades, when you save a girl from danger.

Turns out, however, that the Amakusa Church was doing its best to help Orsola to make the Priestess (apparently Kanzaki Kaori) happy. But Orsola had run away from them because:

ah.. i see

And the un-trust was basically based on the fact that Orsola suspected everyone was just trying to get friendly with her to get to her ability to decipher Liber Al vel Legis.

So, the Amakusa Church are the good guys….. and the Roman Catholics are not..

take us to your leader, we want to eat his brains..

Touma gets his @$$ whupped.

Then, Index of all people steps up and defeats them.

SR finishes the epi, saying that the Roman Catholics just did things in an underhanded way like that.

Overall: 6/10 (meh, an epi of nothing, in my opinion)

AfNE: 8/10 (Touma swears to rescue Orsola, but the only reason this gets so many points is because there is a mysterious, hawt character introduced ^^ Oh, Index sings(?) in this next epi too.. huh, go figure)


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