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Dragon Crisis! Episode 10

Posted on: March 21, 2011

hm.. not a lot of screenshots I feel are necessary to take this time..

meh, except for this one ^^

But, let’s back up a bit.

In this epi, we are introduced to Sapphie, the blue dragon.

Ryuuji, Rose, Eriko, Misaki, and Ai go on a short little camping trip, though it seems more like a day picnic, and Sapphie appears, stating that she is getting revenge for Onyx, the black dragon Ryuuji destroyed in either the 2nd or 3rd episode.

However, although she is the blue dragon and is the fastest in flight (apparently), her power over water has much to be desired.

She leaves after Rose appears.

However, Misaki is right behind Rose and, in a very space-cadet-y voice, notes that “that girl” had wings.

Eriko unintentionally blurts out that she’s a dragon, just like Rose.


Misaki is okay with this, taking it very well after she and the other girls were basically eaten by the painting in the previous episode and chased around by a murderer with an ax.

Ai reveals that she’s part wolf.

Misaki, again, takes this new information quite well.

Ryuuji has Misaki promise not to tell anyone what she had learned that day, and she readily agrees.

The next day, Ryuuji and Eriko go to another party, which is for the inauguration of the building that Onyx had destroyed. Bianca and Tokura-san (the dragon researcher) attend and Bianca reveals that she will be working at Tokura-san’s lab starting the following day.

Rose stays behind and after school, she thanks Misaki for not telling anybody her secret.

Then, she bumps into Sapphie, who displays her awesome water talents..

um...yeah.. very menacing.. I'm very scared that you'll get yourself wet...

Rose takes Sapphie home with her and helps her dry up and wash her clothes.

Sapphie informs Rose of the “Coming of Age” Ceremony for dragons, which is to have somebody kiss their dragon mark.

Sapphie leaves and announces that she’ll be back.

Ryuuji and Eriko come home, and Rose excitedly tells Ryuuji to make her an adult.

That remark was met with a very awkward moment of, “EEEHHHHHHHHHH?????!???!??!?!?!?!”

But Rose later explains, and after a bit of coaxing, Ryuuji kisses her dragon mark, and Eriko gets it on film.

Rose’s dragon mark glows and then she becomes extremely flustered and hot whenever Ryuuji so much as looks at her.

Coming of age indeed..

Eriko understands almost immediately and tells both Ryuuji and Rose not to worry, it was only Rose becoming balanced. (She was more immature than she looked, and the kiss sent a signal through her body that made her fully realize how she and Ryuuji were of the opposite sex and so, balanced her appearance with her internal hormones and feelings a bit more).

Suddenly skipping to wherever Maruga is, we find that her house has been searched for something, but nothing was missing. Maruga guesses it is Onyx, and her attendants are shocked since he was neither seen or heard from after his battle with Ryuuji.

But anyhow, the next day, Rose and Ryuuji greet each other with blushies and shy good mornings..

It looks like their little romance will be blossoming even further now that Rose has had her “coming of age” thing.

Overall: 6/10 (meh, not digging it. This gets points for having a blushy Rose, but that’s it. This was just kind of another annoying filler)

AfNE: 7/10 (it seems Onyx is back.. but that’s really just about it for interesting turn of events)


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