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Hourou Musuko Episode 9

Posted on: March 20, 2011

OHMAHLORDY!!! Sorry for those of you who don’t like reading these things if they don’t have pictures, but for some reason, throughout this whole epi, there was a blue screen with a rolling subtitle underneath the actual video as some kind of announcement, and so I don’t really want to keep that in the screenshot.


I will

try to



out as much

as possible

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Anyhow, it’s time to switch to the summer uniforms, and Takatsuki decides to go to school in a boy’s uniform. GO TAKATSUKI!!

She later asks Anna if it’s okay if she hangs out with Nitori, and Anna, slightly bewildered at such an odd request (as if she didn’t approve of others hanging out with her boyfriend anyway, Takatsuki!) she states that it’s definitely okay with her.

Doi, meanwhile, wants to meet Yuki-san. And so Nitori, really helpless to resist, agrees.

However, on the day of their meeting, Nitori opened the door (as he was leaving) to find that Takatsuki was about to ring the doorbell. She ends up tagging along as “Nitori’s bodyguard”, much to Doi’s irritation.

They get to Yuki-san’s place, and Doi learns that Yuki is a transsexual (she used to be a man) who lives with another man already.

He awkwardly says that he just thought she/he was pretty and then they leave.

Later, at home, he is mildly disturbed but intrigued by the thought that a man could become such a beautiful woman.

The next day, he tells Nitori to dress up as a girl.

Nitori leaps at the chance to do what he loves best and that same day, Doi tells him to come to school dressed like a girl and that it wouldn’t really matter because Takatsuki had already to come to school dressed as a guy anyway.

Nitori considers Doi’s suggestion.

Later, he visits Chii at her family’s soba restaurant.


(Sorry, I couldn’t help but put a pic of Chii in here somewhere ^^;)

He chats with Chii and then realizes that it really is all him and nobody else.

And so, on the way home, he stops at Takatsuki’s and asks to borrow her girl’s uniform.

And the next day, he wears it to school and bravely re-introduces himself his teacher at the front gates.

The very end of the episode reveals that Nitori was taken to the nurse’s office, then taken home by his mother.

Overall: 10/10 (i think this was a very good epi. Showed both Takatsuki’s and Nitori’s growth)

AfNE: 9/10 (looks like Chii is gonna stand up for him in the next epi, but it’s really hard to tell. I don’t see how they’re gonna top this epi next week..)


2 Responses to "Hourou Musuko Episode 9"

A couple of things:

I am pretty sure Yuki is still genetically Male, she refers to herself as an “Okama” which I believe is more the equivalent of a “transvestite” (although she definitely is living full-time) and she runs or works in an Okama bar as her main profession.

The scene between Chi and Shuu really stood out to me as the first time Chi seemed to get any real depth to her character. It also is the first time that anyone in Shuu’s close circle, outside of his sister, shows some hesitation to his crossdressing. Not that this is a bad thing, Chi correctly predicts everything that will happen to Shuu when he goes to school in the seifuku and really he needs to hear it from someone he trusts.

ah.. I see, I didn’t catch that, thank you X)

Oh I definitely agree about that, it hit me too (as it did Nitori when he noted that he really didn’t think her capable of such deep thinking :P).

(Again) I think Chi is, in a way, all that Nitori and Takatsuki could be if they weren’t held back by peer pressure, and even though Chi is rather childish in her need to do whatever it is she wants, no matter how ridiculous it may seem to others, she is also more mature in her ability to disregard what they think in order to make herself happy.

Though i must say that the fact that she isn’t actually cross-dressing seriously because she wants to be the opposite sex plays a part in that obliviousness as well..

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