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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 2

Posted on: March 17, 2011

OHMYGOD you can see both of his eyes.

Ryoushi-kun definitely mans up a little in this epi.

Ringo, on the way home that day, asks Ryoushi what he likes about Ryouko after the girl in question departs for the gym. He tells her basically what he told Ryouko, but then also says to her that the main thing was that he got the feeling that her outside didn’t match with her inside, and it made her intriguing and cute.

Ringo approves.

Later that night, Ryouko walks home from the gym to see to cute dogs waiting outside of a convenience store. She stops, checking to make sure no one is watching, and pets them.

Ryoushi walks out and sees her.

I'm sure the dogs just felt that immediate connection since she's a wolf (Ookami)

He thinks, “D’AWWWW SHE”S SO CUTE”.

These are the hunting ¬†dogs Ryoushi brought from the countryside. His grandfather named them….(wait for it…):

Elisebesu and Fransewasu.

But, again, she shows that her outward appearance contradicts her inward emotions..


Otogi Bank gets a visit the next day from a girl worried about her violent ex-boyfriend trying to force her to hook up again. And so Ryouko looks into it. BUT! IT”S A TRAP!!!!

(Oh and we are introduced to Urishima Tarou and Ryuuguu Otohime, and sorry for late intros, but the Pres of Otogi Bank is Kiriki Liszt, the Secretary, Kiriki Alice (cousin of Pres), the maid is Tsurugaya Otsuu, and the self-proclaimed mad scientist is Majolica le Fay, Majo for short.)

Anyhow, back to my point.. BUT! IT”S A TRAP!!!!

all together, everybody now: IT"S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the park where the girl was supposedly “meeting with her boyfriend” the Onigashima band surround Ryoushi and Ryouko.

Ryoushi gets a pipe slam to the head and Ryouko is knocked out and captured.

The other members of Otogi Bank get worried about how long the two are taking.. and then even more so when Ryoushi

gee.. I see you've got a little ketchup on your face there..

walks in looking like that.

Meanwhile, Ryouko has a little hallucinatory dream where a little her is asking her how much longer she will lie to herself about her strength..

but.. so.. wait.. she's a Wolf Wolf in Wolf's Clothing??

She wakes up and puts up a brave front and gets kicked and whatnot. But when the boss comes in, planning to rape her, she gets a phone call all of a sudden.

It’s Ryoushi.

Abruptly, pachinko balls start striking the band of thugs from somewhere in the room. Ryoushi has a weapon now, courtesy of Liszt’s observations and Majo’s experimentations.

Ringo appears by Ryouko and frees her bonds. Ringo brings Ryouko’s Neko Neko Knuckles though they are now Revamped so that each time her fists (inside of the NNK) come into contact with somebody, they are mildly electrocuted.

Just as something bad is about to happen, the rest of Otogi Bank arrive and they all take out the group of “gangstahs”.

Ryouko decks the boss a good one, but he gets up, saying that he will have his way with her.

Ryoushi pulls his hero move and says that he will protect her, and then he and the Onigashima boss go at it hand-to-hand. Ryoushi ends up knocking the boss out, heroically stating “The one who catches her (Ryouko) will be me”, and then passing out from getting his head bashed in earlier and for being entirely too exhausted.

When Ryoushi wakes up next, the sun is setting and Ryouko is petting Elizabeth and Francoise, complimenting them for helping the Otogi Bank members find her whereabouts.

Ryoushi, when Ryouko stares at him, reverts back to his “Gyaah!!! MIENAIDE!!!” bum mode.

And Ryouko:

Oh Ryouko-chan..

Overall: 10/10 (Ryoushi was cool in this epi, and now he has his strap-on pachinko slingshot weapon to get Ryouko’s back!!)

AfNE: 10/10 (I see no reason for me not to look forward to this next epi..)


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