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Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 11

Posted on: March 16, 2011

Everybody smile and say "Casino!"

And so. Everybody (except Mint) aims to gain enough money to buy back the things they lost when Rio lost to Rina.

Everybody does a “smashing” job of winning.

and Rio is so happy she cries tears of hearts.

Cartia is not appreciative of this sudden turn of events and calls for her Number 10.

They go to a room in the resort and rejoice about their winnings. They wonder what to buy back, and famous actress-san suggests Misery Castle (because as we all know, she gets possessed by Misery every now and then) but the rest of the girls become temporarily incapable of understanding Japanese.

oh look, an actress! Everybody stop and stare!!

Then Mint comes barging in, freaking out. CHOCO IS GONE!!!!

oh noes.

They all gather their brains and rack them, and they come to the conclusion that:

I don't know WHAT kind of a boring world they live in, but my stuffed animals always run around playing!

They decide to look for Choco.

Meanwhile, Howard is speaking to the Joker..

no. Bond. James Bond.

The next day, everybody goes to do their betting. They lose all that they won the day before to:

well.. now we have the royal flush: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace

The girl who is Cartia’s number ten is named Yang-Yang. Her best friend who looks almost identical is An-An.

Linda, the robot, is confused.

Could you repeat that please? Definition please? Could you use that in a sentence please?

uh oh, that there doesn't look too stable--!

oh. oh my.

uh.. hi.. your head's a little, um.. it's kinda a little.. um.. yeah...

They go somewhere else, Cartia saying she would help them find Choco.

Instead they go to the Concentration Bomber:


where Queen greets them on a t.v. screen in Jack’s “cosplay” get-up, explaining how to play the game.

It’s basically like a matching game, except you only get one chance to pick a pair, if you choose wrong, you enter Bomber Time, and it is the other team’s turn. The cards are shuffled each time, so it is purely a game of luck.

The game starts, Rio’s team gets armor..

what the heck.

Rio’s side wins (of course) but then it explodes again, sending Mint flying.

An-An freaks out and tries to catch her.

Mint lands on her.

noooo!!!!!! Wait!


It turns out that Yang-Yang had been lonely and wanted a friend, and since her spells work only on things made in China..

you know, I would have said that her spells would work on me, but I was made in the U freaking S of A >.< pity..

Cartia states how foolish things were.

Suddenly, Rina appears, congratulating Rio on the win and telling her to take back Howard Resort.

Rio replies that she will. That and the other gates. Then she holds up her 2 gates.

Cartia is confused and shocked: How did Rio get the last 2 gates!??!?

Herro again, Dana ^^

and Dana materializes.

Rio challenges Rina to a gate battle.

Overall: 7.3/10 (this epi was relatively humorous, but I felt that it still felt like a filler)

AfNe: 9/10 (only excited that they’ll be going to the beach)


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Loll at the captions!

lol at your lol ^^ i’m glad you liked them! ~\(^o^)/~

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