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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode 1

Posted on: March 16, 2011


Ookami Ryouko and Akai Ringo are first-year high school students (10th grade) part of the Otogi Academy Student Mutual Assistance Association, otherwise known as the Otogi Bank, a group at their school, Otogi Academy. They work to help students out, as the title suggests, though it’s a give–“give-even-more”  relationship.

On the way home, Ryouko is confessed to by some guy in her class, Morino Ryoushi, who she totally does not even know exists. He was kind of stalking her. She asks what he likes about her:

ooh. Wrong answer, buddy.

Later that night..

Still flat.

After Ryouko showers, Ringo gets excited, showing a mother-in-law-esque side to her personality. She promises to see if Ryoushi was worthy of her, even though Ryouko protested, saying that she had already turned him down.

The next day in the clubroom, Ringo explains why Ryouko never noticed Ryoushi:

and those people over there are 3 other members of the club..

Ryouko storms off, saying that she won’t accept him.

The next customer appears.

I have nothing particularly funny to say about this pic.

She wants to return a favor to a senpai, Ooji (how fitting) on the boy’s tennis team.

the maid likes the sound of that.

What she wants is this:

Still nothing funny to say.

Ryoushi volunteers, but since he has issues with being stared at, he was unable to do anything to prevent him from getting approval stamps from the necessary authority figures.

But he tries again after school, tailing Ooji-senpai.

Ryouko and Ringo are following Ryoushi, however, and they all end up going to the public bath.

oh, they's not be being happy about that observation

Meanwhile, Ryoushi fails again.

The next day, he vows to get it right. The club’s mad scientist of sorts comes up with this, so that they can get to Ooji-senpai before he goes to the 5 pm meeting to turn in his resignation slip.

Hello Cinderella.

Ryouko notices that Ryoushi will freeze up if he sees people staring at him, but “mad-scientist” girl has a plan for that..

remember kids, this is dangerous!

They get there and Kakari spots the tennis guy limping on crutches to get to the meeting.  She tells Ryoushi to stop there……but there are no brakes.

Confused he lifts the eye mask, spots everybody staring, freaks out, fishtails, and sends little Kakari out of the pumpkin.

She, being the little ninja that she is, flips in the air, hits the floor on her hands, does a cartweel while still in motion, and.. well.. stops Ooji-senpai..

you hear that? that's the sound of his nose cartilage punching out the back of his head ^^

They get the resignation notice and..


they vanish from the scene of crime.

HOWEVER, little Kakari/Cinderalla left her shoe behind…

I believe in a world where no shoe will be left behind..

And so, Kakari gets what she wants.

Ryouko and Ringo, on the way home, meet a bunch of thugs, one of which Ryouko had beaten up at the beginning of the episode, and they attempt to get revenge. The leader almost gets a swing at Ryouko, but all of a sudden, Ryoushi takes the blow, and Ryouko is able to finish them off.

She accepts him and tells him to call her by her first name (a great honor, sir!! Treasure it!) and she would do the same.

They walk back to the dorms together, Ringo revealing another side to her personality..



And after the ED, Ooji-senpai does the whole Cinderalla bit and has the girls line up to try Kakari’s shoe. Then after the girls had the shoe on, he told them to kick him.

Finally, at the end of the line is Kakari, and she backs up, does her cartwheel and smashes his nose to the back of his head, 4 more times.

wowww.... Masochistic much, Ooji-senpai?

And he takes her by the hand, telling her that she has amazing control of her body and that he’d do anything for her. He proposes that they both play tennis together, and they live happily ever after X)

Overall: 10/10 (in my opinion, a good, strong first episode. Very humorous and definitely worth my time. Loved the “fail” fan-service)

AfNE: 10/10 (i think i will enjoy this series quite a bit)

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