Nanazzha no Sekai


Posted on: March 15, 2011

It’s always nice to walk into your bathroom and pull the curtain closed before you “turn on” the shower, worrying a bit about having a spider fall out of them while doing so because it’s happened before.

And it’s always nice to walk out while you wait for the hot water to “load” and grab a brush to comb out your hair before washing it..

And it’s always nice to think of that one spider that fell out that just would NOT be washed away.

(Here’s that story: After the shower curtain spider fell out into the bathtub/shower, I washed it away. When I finished showering, I randomly glanced at the drain and the spider that I had washed away 15 minutes ago suddenly popped out perfectly fine, if just a little damp. I think letting spiders live in an Asian house is not a good idea, they are becoming too ninja..)

And it’s always nice to think to yourself, “Huh.. it would have been really creepy if a spider fell out of my shower curtains again.”

And it’s just terrific to look down at the sink and spot A HUGE-FREAKING-ASS DADDY-LONG LEGS.

I think that might be Jemimah. I’m pretty sure she ate Tom.

Or maybe it’s Jimmy from the hallway..

Either way, this spider is not only huge, but it’s dominating my sink’s available usage area.

I’m way too scared to use my sink now.

Spiders don’t belong in sinks.

Anyhoo, I’m retiring for the night/morning..I’m dead tired. Good night/good morning!


2 Responses to "OH GAWD THE SPIDERS–!!!"

This story totally gave me goosebumps…

haha! X) yeah, i threw my brush all the way across the bathroom when i saw the spider ^^; creepy little things.. >.<

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