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IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 10

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Houki is so BAWSS.

But before we get to her Houki-liciousness, we have Cecilia wearing lewd underwear because she misinterprets Ichika’s comment that he wants her to come to his room later because he wants to have a little chat with her..

oh.. oh my..

hmm.. very aptly placed hair..

Later, Cecilia gets her clothes back on and walks on over to the Orimuras’ room. Where she is met with this:

Sillies, that's not how you play Telephone! Somebody actually has to come up with the phrase before you can start listening for it!

It sounds like the siblings are having sex, so they all lean in closer to hear.. and of course…



Chifuyu-nee then offers up Ichika as a masseuse and Cecilia is the first to go.. however:

oh gawd, Chifuyu-nee...

Chifuyu-nee notices that Cecilia is wearing her very lewd underwear..

wow.. I keep forgetting that they are my age... I think it's the breasts..

Anyhoo, Chifuyu-nee tells Ichika to grab something to drink for her..

Gif Created on Make A Gif

DAWWWW.. She's so adorable when she's blushy ~(^//////^)~

And then does this:

Oh gawd, Chifuyu-nee.. you win. You so win.

You are a win.

-glomp!!!!!- Well Chifuyu-nee is mine now!!!

oh fish...they will never reach your level..

The next morning..

uh oh... guess who~?

oh yess.. it's a carrot.

And WHO is INSIDE that CARROT!!!??!?!?

OHMFISH it's Shinonono-nee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh moe Tabane-sama…

Hm.. I have to say, her hair style is usual of a quiet, book-type with perhaps a Kanzaki Kaori-ish voice.. but, meh, if you disregard her hair, she is still just an amazing usagi onee-chan moe blob ^^

She runs off to find Houki.

Later, Chifuyu-nee holds a meeting with all the students with their on IS’s and Rin points out that Houki doesn’t have one.

And just as Chifuyu-nee is about to explain..

a moe moe usagi-chan falls out of the sky.

Oh oh… oh.. wow.. that is honestly the best subtle yuri goody I’ve had all year.. (even though this year really hasn’t been going on for that long).

Then she greets Houki, saying how much she’s grown..


Chifuyu-nee insists that she introduce herself, so she says:

konnichiwa, Shinonono Tabane-sama!

And then Houki’s personal IS descends from the heavens..

Houki is SO HAWTT..

Tabane finishes syncing the IS to Houki..

see look! She has the library committee president hairstyle!!

Houki’s Akatsubaki has two katana, the right one is Amatsuki, and the left, Karaware.

The power of her blades slices a hole in a cloud, and then Tabane decides to send in the big guns:

Whee!!! Let's try to kill my baby sister!!

oh ima slice you down!!

Please pardon the motion blur, Houki is so ninja that this is the best shot I can get where you can actually see her.

She destroys the missiles, but then Yamada Maya-chan-sensei runs out. It turns out:

oh noes.. another one!

Maya-chan-sensei deliberates and decides according to the information given that:

hm.. now who was it that had the IS that could do that??

oh rightt... that guy..

However, just as they were deciding who the fastest was..

ah. Hallo there..


Chi-chan, Chi-chan, kitte yo!!

She decides that it is Akatsubaki’s turn!!

So the next day, Houki gets ready to take Ichika to the drone where he will then proceed to (hopefully) finish it off.

now that is one snazzy piece of IS activation jewelry device thingamajig.

Tabane, while thinking of how Houki and Ichika need to fight the unmanned drone over water, remembers the White Knight incident in which 2,341 missiles from all over the world were hacked and fired toward Japan when she had first discovered the IS. The White Knight had appeared and destroyed them all, then just disappeared.

hm... i wonder who it was.. "Chi-chan" ;P

hm... -eyes Chifuyu-nee- could it be that your bust size might possibly be......?

Oh you blob of moe, you..

but i snuggle-glomp u anyway!!

By the way, the snuggle-glomped above is still Chifuyu-nee ^^

The operation is to start in 30 minutes.

aw... you like it ^^

Overall: 9.6/10 (Oh my, Moe-Blob Usagi Shinonono-‘nee definitely takes the cake, especially when paired with Chi-chan!!! AND, Houki was freaking BADASS in this epi!!!!)

AfNE: 7/10 (meh, I’m not really feeling it for this next epi..)

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haha lol

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