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Hourou Musuko Episode 8

Posted on: March 11, 2011


However, Chii is placed in the same class as Chiba…

Chiba is not happy with this arrangement.

Besides that, Takatsuki’s longer hair does look nicer ^^

dAWW.... Takatsuki looks so cute X)

Nitori goes shopping with Anna and she notices him looking rather seriously at the clothing. She speaks to Maho about it and when Maho gets home, she storms in on Nitori, who is blow drying his hair, and tells him to either stop cross-dressing and/or wanting to cross-dress, or break up with Anna.


Takatsuki is at home wishing she were as brave as Chii. She has the male uniform but is unable to ignore what other people think to bring herself happiness.. She makes a semi-compromise the next day, though, and uses a regular tie instead of a bow thing.. Her teacher notices.. but as she pointed out before, he is a rather odd-ball teacher..

really, now..

After school that day, Nitori meets up with Yuki-san. He asks her if Anna would dislike it if he cross-dressed while they were dating. She tells him that that would be something to ask her himself. She musingly says that she always thought that he would be going out with Takatsuki, and Nitori replies that he was turned down. Yuki-san replies with:

hmm... are you getting something that the rest of us are missing?

Doi, the guy who sits in front of Nitori in his class (and mocks his girly voice), sees Nitori and Yuki-san together and immediately decides to become Nitori’s “friend” so as to meet “hot older women”.

Nitori meets up with Anna and tells her that he would like to continue cross-dressing. Anna is perfectly fine with it and says that he’s amusing, not gross, and that he was like a little sister. They decide that for their next date, Nitori would dress as a girl.

Mako-chan, hearing about this the next day from Nitori, wonders if they really are and can be considered a couple since they don’t really kiss, and their dates are mainly clothes runs..

Chiba overhears the part about kissing and gets flustered.

blushh.. ha-has Nitori kissed Anna already!??


aww.. they are all so innocent ^^

Nitori and Anna go out on their date, and coincidentally, Takatsuki and Chiba are out on a little shopping trip too:

oh..herro there...don't mind me, I'm just cross-dressing on my date with a famous model..

The 4 go karaoke. It’s quite awkward.. Then when it gets tense because Anna states how Chiba has an attitude problem, Takatsuki defends saying that she likes Nitori.


Anna flounders for a way to answer that, and Chiba explains that Nitori and Takatsuki had gone out (to which Takatsuki protested that they didn’t) and she loved Nitori, that was all.

Chiba sings, and Anna is amazed x)

They exchange numbers and Nitori gets a text..from Doi, who somehow found out what his number was.. creeeppyy..

Nitori wonders if things will be able to go back to the way they were..

Overall: 7/10 (Takatsuki looks good with longer hair, Yuki-san is amazing, and Anna is a really cute megane)

AfNE: 9/10 (I’m excited for this one! Doi sees Nitori while he is in his girl get-up! This should be interesting XP)


2 Responses to "Hourou Musuko Episode 8"

Yuki-san really is amazing, she is my total role model.

A couple things with Doi: first he gets Shuu’s number through his sister, who is friends with Maho. The other main thing that they did not stress enough in the anime is that Doi was the main antagonist for Shuu and Takatsuki when they were in primary school. He is mostly responsible for their being picked on and people knowing about their crossdressing (well mostly Nitori, since girls crossdressing are [sort of] cool and guys are perverts). That makes the current arc with Doi and Shuu really odd given their history.

ah, okay there we go. That makes more sense ^^ Since they kinda touched on it in the anime but didn’t really explain it, like i said before, it was kind of creepy how he suddenly ended up with Nitori’s number XP

I agree, Yuki-san is really just the best.

Haha! Cross-dressing is interesting, in my opinion, but it’s hard to get past the fact that everybody is talking about how strange you are to do such a thing.. and that’s probably why Nitori and Takatsuki take it so badly.. Since Chii is a total “free spirit”, to quote wiki, and does not care about what people think of her, she is able to cut past all boundaries and do whatever she wants. In this way, she is like a child, but at the same time, almost more mature than N&T for standing up for what she believes in and what she wants to do to make herself happy.

Thanks for clearing this up!

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