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Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 10

Posted on: March 10, 2011

Rina and Dana are stuck in an unknown person’s roll ruler.

Chip appears suddenly and leads them to Howard, now Goltschmidt, Resort.

The people who greet them are the person dressed as a joker from the previous episode, and Howard, who has no idea who the heck the joker is.

Joker challenges Rio to a blackjack battle; it is his(?) roll ruler that they are in. Howard will be the dealer.

Meanwhile, everybody else is freaking out because they can’t find Howard and Rio. Some of them even get a few thoughts:

Of course, then random guy barges in screaming, “OH NO!!” and the reason:

oh sir.. that must be absolutely horrifying!!

However, Rio’s duel has not been under her control..

um, actually, I think I've discovered my talents as an artist X)

Somewhere else, Rina, who is not the Joker as Rio thought, discovers something disturbing:

maybe you can fly now, Rina!! You feel hollow right!? Hollow bones=Bird=Flight!

Back to Rio, she has lost.

Mint and Jack are on the way to her, however:


Rio then declares that she will win next, and she does.

Joker then gives Rio his(?) gate, saying that she is worthy of battling Rina.

Meanwhile, Cartia:

is so damn anxious about the rainbow that she goes and gets herself hungover, and complains about the lack of drugs that subsequently, don't let her see that rainbow!

Nah.. but I kinda like my version better ^^

Elsewhere, Rio is looking for Dana..and then gets challenged to a Gate Battle:

ooh~~ pretty...

For Rio to win, she needs to make it across a block bridge in the air, but the catch: There are certain blocks that will trigger traps..

Oh the one above spits stuff that will destroy your clothing..

Then Rio, motivated by the threat of nakedness, uses her roll ruler to see where the traps are, then steps on some deliberately..

To get something of this effect:

That little nubby at the top is one of her legs.. she jumped to avoid collision..

And again:

Sxkchinnnng!! (sword sound)

And this one:

JEEZUS!! you have NO idea HOW hard it was to get this one stupid shot.. -.-

But she’s not perfect:

and she is eventually caged with a bunch of glowing lights that, upon contact with her clothing, dissolve them..

But she eventually escapes because she’s our main character and protagonist..

because she's a drug dealer..


Dana gives Rio her gate..

Doesn’t G.A.T.E. stand for Gifted And Talented Education?? Or is that only in my area..? Oh well..

Meanwhile.. guess who the joker was???

pssst!! It's Rio's mom!!

And Rio and her band of devoted followers go to Goltschmidt Kingdom, where Rio plans on battling against Rina again.

Overall: 8/10 (not bad, not bad.. I definitely liked DanaxRio’s Gate Battle the most though)

AfNE: 9/10 (hmm….actually looks rather promising ^^)

ah... thank you again, Anya


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