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Hourou Musuko Episode 7

Posted on: March 7, 2011

The epi opens with Nitori reading from a book.. for some reason it seems to be about some kid going through puberty? =.=; People start snickering because it sounds like he is speaking of himself.

Chii is completely disinterested.

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Nitori is kind of talking about himself though..

unless he gets a sex change or something, he's gonna be one of those baby faces.. like the male protagonist's dad in "Itazura na Kiss"!

Nitori purchases a magazine, in which Anna is on the cover. She happens to visit and he compliments her on her clean and clear complexion. After she leaves, Nitori washes his face with a foaming face wash, and goes to sleep at 7. But the next day, he sprouts another zit.

Suddenly realizing that he should get Anna’s number for convenience if he wanted more help on how to deal with his break out (and since he didn’t want to ask Maho because she made him feel bad about the pimple) Maho–played by the seiyuu goddess, Mizuki Nana–comes to an interesting conclusion..

oh you..

Ohmahfish, I feel really bad about not recognizing Mizuki Nana’s voice..

Anihoo, sometime later, Anna and Nitori go shopping-ish together and Nitori decides to use the face wash that Anna uses. She lets him know that he can call her whenever, as long as it was within reason. She leaves, giving him one last little piece of advice..

ah.. how comforting..

But it seems that Nitori has been recruited by the drama club, and Chiba was approached by members from it. Chiba gets kind of annoyed by how easily Takatsuki throws around the word “amazing”.

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Sometime later, there’s a huge study group at the Nitori household. Maho, when ordered to take something to the coffee table, protests that Anna should do it:

wow. Good job spilling the beans.

Unfortunately, Mako-chan overhears this on the way back from the bathroom. It wasn’t that difficult since Maho was pretty much screaming it at the top of her lungs.

And the next day, Mako-chan congratulates Nitori. Apparently, Anna and Nitori had gone to the karaoke place where she had bought their matching cellphone straps. The strap did look like the manager. When they two were laughing about it later, Nitori got caught up in the moment and confessed to Anna, then proceeded to ask her out.


So they end up dating and their first date is to the zoo, where Anna gets Nitori a weird “cute” baboon cellphone strap thing.

Takatsuki finds out that he and Anna are dating and tells Chiba.

yes, the model.

Chiba doesn’t show up to the drama club after school, and she doesn’t come to school for the next few days either. It turns out she wants to quit school.

ah, that's why the preview from last week had such a slutty shot of Chiba

But, silly Chiba, quiting school is for truants!

The next day:


In the end, they don’t, but Takatsuki brings Chiba’s homework and a newsletter. Chiba’s mom invites her to chill, then Chiba walks in and she and Takatsuki end up sitting awkwardly in her room.

says Takatsuki to Chiba

But, Chiba replies with:


But, they kind of end up making up a little bit after Takatsuki explains that she had come of her own accord and that she’s not trying to make up just because Sasa wants them to get along.

Overall: 8/10 (I think it’s pretty cute that Nitori has the guts to ask Anna out, and that she thinks weird things are cute ^^)

AfNE: 9.8/10 (Looks like Takatsuki’s hair grows out a bit, how exciting! Oh, and Maho’s boyfriend sports a new hairstyle too)


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