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IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 9

Posted on: March 5, 2011

Oh yes.. Houki’s older sister created the IS.. but she’s in a bunny costume.. not to mention she sounds like a ditz. Houki is almost justifiably angry at her sister, oh, but don’t worry.. Big sis has your personal IS all ready for you ^^

BAM! Soooo can't wait to see her in it X)

Cut scene to Ichika.. who wakes up in bed to find that a naked Laura is in bed with him. Houki walks in as Laura is “teaching” Ichika some pinning methods..

oh herro dere, Houki. Nice to see you's an early mornin' exerciser too. Oh don't mind me, Laura's just raping my arm. So.. let's go to morning practice now shall we?

Later, Ichika and Charlotte are in the sky monorail thing-a-ma-jig going swimsuit shopping for the seaside school that is about to start soon. Ichika carelessly says that he just decided to bring her along while he was at it since she didn’t have a female swimsuit.

YES. Good response, Charlotte! I approve.

Ichika being the totally oblivious hero who can have all the girls he wants, does not understand why Charlotte gets angry. But she finds a way to use it to her advantage..

my, my how daring..

Ichika does so without hesitation.

A little ways behind the two, Ichika’s stalkers (Rin, Cecilia, and later, Laura) take note of the hand-holding.

And Rin goes a little crazy.

Meanwhile, Ichika gives Charlotte a pet name now that everybody knows she’s a girl and calling her Charlotte isn’t really special anymore. So now she’s “Char”. He spots some jewelry and tells her to go on first so that he can purchase a little something.

In another part of the mall, Gotanda Dan and Gotanda Ran are out shopping for Ran’s swimsuits (to show off to Ichika, that bawss). They bump into him and find that he’s out swimsuit-shopping too. After a short conversation including:

I'd have to say that I find Ran the most attractive.. sad, but true.. maybe it's the lack of clothing and the way she always looks like she's in really scanty pajamas..

Charlotte grabs Ichika and runs into a dressing room inside of a swimsuit store because she’s spotted Rin, Cecilia, and Laura.

The trio follow, but lose sight of them. Laura hears that it’s fatal in the relationship if a girl chooses the wrong swimsuit to wear. Her life and very being shatters.

you must recall that Ichika is her everything.. so not gaining his approval leaves her (and the rest of the 50 million girls after Ichika) with nothing to live for.

Unable to let Ichika go outside again since the stalkers are out there, Charlotte decides to change with Ichika in the stall..

-whistle!!!- whoooo!!! you go, Charlotte! You are definitely a close second after Ran!!

Aaannnd.. Ichika tries to distract himself from imagining a naked Charlotte..

Well, I don't know.. what?

silly Ichika, THAT'S not a picture of a pie!!!

Charlotte finishes getting her swimsuit on.. and all I can say is, “Sexy Can I”:


Then Chifuyu-nee and Maya-chan-sensei break the moment by pulling open the curtain. The two get lectured on drawing the line, even if they are classmates…

Meanwhile, Laura is calling for assistance about which swimsuit to choose.. The Black Hare Squad’s vice-commander decides that Laura should not choose colored swimsuits since she already had her school mizugi..

oh vice-commander...

Aaaaannnnddd the SEASIDE SCHOOL is HEEEEEEEEEEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh jeezus..

and here's a whole new meaning to "oh jeezus.." WTF??

is that supposed to be some sort of sad pikachu/fox hybrid thing? Whatever it is, it’s rather disturbing..

Ichika..that BAWSS.

And so..


Then, Rin gets involved..

make gif

Oh jeez. This whole epi is just fanservice (NOT THAT I OBJECT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM!!!!!!) so I think I’ll just put up some choice pics ^^

The epi ends with Houki standing on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean. Chifuyu-nee walks up behind her, saying that she doesn’t need to worry and that since tomorrow would be the 7th of July, her sister would probably come by. Houki nods, thinking back to what Tabane said about her (Houki’s) personal IS.

Overall: 10/10 (This gets full points, just because of the fanservice ^^)

AfNE: 9/10 (Bahahaha!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing this famous sister of Houki!! Her and her….bunny ears XP)

OH..and really?

hm.. sister complex much?

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tremendous issues here. I’m very glad to see your article. Thanks so much and i am looking forward to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

Thanks.. I guess..? I suppose such debaucherous displays of fanservice are tremendous issues (but in a good way, right?).. I am, however, uncertain what you would gain by e-mailing me.. But if you gave me a reason and a topic to mail about, I see nothing wrong with it X)

Nearly all of the comments on this webpage dont make sense.

meh, i wouldn’t say that’s a BAD thing :)

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