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Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 9

Posted on: March 4, 2011

Hmm... this looks familiar...

ah.. that's why.

so… Rio loses the previous gate battle (against her half-sister Rina!!!) and gets depressed.

and so she goes and does drugs and begins hallucinating about talking coins.

Just kidding.

Mint and Jack are doing the talking and telekinetically floating the coins, respectively.

And since Rina, and therefore through the transitive property, Cartia, won, Howard Resort has become:

this "hard-to-remember-name" kingdom

Oh, and by the way, Cartia is Rina’s aunt. Bet everybody saw that coming.

No but seriously, did anybody else see the resemblance? They both have those slanty eyes. And FREAKING HUGE BREASTS.

That is all.

However, two people (Orlin and Elvis-sama) liked this place better as it was in the past..

in other words, "WAAAHHHH!!! (つд;) i want the busty, goddess of victory Rio to strut around in her very revealing clothes so that I'll get an erection and have amazing fantasies about her get lucky and start making some money!!"

Elsewhere, Rosa, the famous hollywood actress who gets no attention because Rio is supposedly much more amazing than her, bumps into Dana, the psychic.

Yes, that is very muchly true. Good thinking, hot mystic lady ^^

And really, what Cartia is searching for is:

she wants that rainbow! Which is to say, she's a drug addict looking for a hallucinatory rainbow. It might even be a DOUBLE RAINBOW, ALL ACROSS THE SKY~~!!!


OH, soo.. Orlin and Elvis-sama visit Rio to get that adrenaline kick that they get from playing with her (haha that sounds weird), and Mint.. well..:

DAYUM! She just nails that on the head, doesn't she..

(By the way, I truly appreciate those who sub these things, but please, get your damn spellings right. Don’t make me edit (badly) the things you write, it just looks tacky).

So, Orlin and Elvis challenge Rio to some (regular) duels on the terms that the one(s) who lost would give up gambling…FOREVAHHHH!!!! Yeah.

Rio wins.

O&E get their Rio-fix and proceed to have their little gay moment.

let us embrace in happiness!!

In any case, after the defeat of the gay lovers two men, Rosa is possessed by Misery:

the ring!!! SADAKO!!!

and Rosa/Misery reveals makes Jack confess that he had used his Mighty Power to change the outcome of the game so that Rio would win and regain her confidence as a dealer (card, not drug).

Later, Howard, dressed as a joker, calls Rio out to a telephone box and they fail at cutting off all the lights at the Goltschmidt Kingdom. Cartia sends three of her henchmen (the fat, sheriff-cowboy one, Strong Arm, and Queen) to take the two to her. She tries to hire Rio, who refuses even after being ordered by Howard, because she(Rio) hates her(Cartia).

When Rio and Howard leave, they bump into Rina. Howard leaves the two to speak to each other. Rio warns Rina to watch out for Cartia, then walks off.

Rio ends up following a joker that she thinks is Howard (and is obviously not portly enough to be him) but enters into her opponents role ruler. Dana is there to act as a witness, but a witness to what??

Hmm.. what is to happen next week!?

Overall: 4/10 (a completely useless episode. Fail)

AfNE: 7/10 (the next epi actually looks relatively promising! A glowing Dana, a cubic, pixelated flying shark, little glowing light bubbles that burn off your clothing when in contact with them, and a crying Rio)


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hahaha!!! you know.. im gonna have to become a LOT more popular b4 people will actually do that ^^

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