Nanazzha no Sekai

Dragon Crisis! Episode 8

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Eriko-san’s driving is scary.

Besides that, Rose looks really good in Ryuuji’s school’s uniform ^^

oh, yes.. that she does, Eriko-san

Though I must say I find it incredibly hard to believe that what Rose is wearing used to be Eriko-san’s uniform.. Eriko and Rose’s bust sizes are just.. well………

Anyhow, Rose wants to go to school with Ryuuji, so after he makes her promise not to use her fire and let anybody find out she’s a dragon, they arrive at school.

Where Rose, as an introduction, announces that she likes ice cream and Ryuuji.

my my..

And where, immediately afterwards, some pink-haired, megane with huge breasts fires a bazooka at Ryuuji.

To which, he promptly slices it in half.


Why indeed..? it's a very good question..

Megane is actually Bianca Alexandra Lou, a level 4 member of the San Francisco Lost Precious Research blah blah blah.. yeah. So she’s there to test him. First order of business:

oh my, Ryuuji.. quite the ladies' man..

And… Ryuuji is taken advantage of.

let's all molest Ryuuji now~ (>^o^)>

nah, just kidding.

okay.. maybe he is taken advantage of..

But in the end, Masato barges in and gets to measure Ryuuji, though he makes it clear that:


Then Ryuuji takes a series of tests..

swim, Ryuuji, swim

no..uh, he's actually canadian.. (he'd be a really sad fella if he was -coughjustinbiebercough-)

Anyhow, Masato ends up thrown against a wall.

Megane TOSS!!

Ryuuji learns that P is an abbreviation for the measurement of physical response ability, and L is the ability to use Lost Preciouses.

that must be easy to remember.


Rose's legs look like they have been amputated.

Ryuuji replies that he has never dated any girl.. to which Masato answers with a glomp.

Gif Created on Make A Gif

Bianca gets a phone call and leaves the room, and Aikawa Mao, friend of Etou Misaki who is crushing on Ryuuji, seizes the chance to find out what he likes so that Etou-san can get him a present on his birthday (the next day).

gero. gero gero.

Ryuuji takes his battle test, the machine goes haywire, Rose breaks her promise from earlier in order to save Ryuuji, the two “Engage“, and the machine is defeated.

It turns out that Bianca was saved by Ryuuji’s dad in a lab mishap.

Ryuuji’s L value now “clocks in” at:

well, he does have the help of a red dragon.

Ryuuji is okay with Rose breaking the promise because she essentially saves his sorry butt when he’s dangling helplessly from the robot machine thingy’s pincer-hand-doohickey.

The next day, Etou-san gets Ryuuji a present.

Ryuuji does not react well:

uh oh.

his hand is not looking too good...

yeah, no.... Ryuuji's arms are kind of.. um well.. yeah..

It seems that Bianca messed up Ryuuji’s likes and dislikes during the interview and didn’t bother to fix them..

But Rose enjoys the action:

Overall: 7/10 (meh. This felt much like a filler episode in a series that does not need any)

AfNE: 9/10 (Etou-san’s reflection comes out of the mirror??? And it looks like Ai!!??!?)


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