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Hourou Musuko Episode 6

Posted on: February 28, 2011


The School Cultural Festival is heeeeeeeeeerrrreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And all I can say is, “Twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii twin-tailed Chii–!”


you spineless coward!!!!!!!!!!! Get over yourself!!!! >.<

Yeah.. so now that I’ve gotten that over with, like I said before, the school cultural festival has arrived!!

Maiko-chan is in disguise.. good thing you shouted her name to the world..

So, Anna and Maiko-chan visit..

see? They're riiiiiiiiiiiiiight..... THERE!! no, no.. THERE!!

In any case, Anna and Maiko-chan, then Chii and Chiba, decide to go to the haunted house. Incidentally or coincidentally, so do the rest of the main characters.

Where they then proceed to have a scream fest and manage to scare the people who were supposed to do the scaring ^^

happy screaming Chii is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a pedophile, I swear..

But, seriously.. best 20 seconds ever:

Oh Chii…

Oh Chii………

Oh Chii…………………………………………………….

well. Aren't you just a lucky ducky. >.<

Then, of course, Anna notices Nitori..


Of course, then Momo points out that Anna is there too… to which Chii counters with:

oh.. oh.. ouch....

Then.. the person/people that Takatsuki and Nitori left tickets for decided to show up:

So, anyhoo, the play is about to begin.. everybody is getting nervous. As is the teacher, so he does the old, “write-‘person’-on-your-hand-3x-and-‘swallow’-it” trick to dispel the anxiety.

Nitori wishes Chiba good luck ^^ and the play starts.

Aaaaaand.. Mako-chan gets tongue-tied and scared because everybody wanted Nitori to be Juliet.. but then Chiba glares at him from off-stage, and the idiot (Mako-chan) decides to drop out of character and apologize!!!!


dude,  how stupid can you get? Continue and let the rest of the lines just roll off your tongue and forget your stupid start!!!! DON”T DROP OUT OF CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~\(>3<)/~ -flaaaail!!!!-

All in all, the rest of the play goes without hitch XD

Though there is a moment of tension between Chiba and Takatsuki when Chiba comes to a certain line..

(If you can’t tell, Takatsuki’s eyes are wider in this last pic, indicating a good level of surprise).

The play ends, everybody enjoys it greatly, and the students party hardy in their classroom, where the teacher (male) starts crying.

OH and by the by, Anna, Maiko-chan, and that other girl left when the play started because Anna didn’t want to divert attention away from the play. Though Maiko-chan clarifies that it’s because Anna didn’t want her (Maiko) to attract all the attention. And so Maiko-chan reveals that she is actually relatively narcissistic, though it is very thinly veiled behind her seemingly sweet temperament.

Everybody then leaves after the party..obviously..

And Chii.. well, she just be’s Chii..

Oh herro there, Chii

Oh. Otay, "bye-bicycle" to you too..

And elsewhere, Mako-chan’s mom is giving him a hard time X):

Oh mothers...

Overall: 10/10 (It was definitely nice to see the play finally put together and HELLO(!!!) TWIN-TAILED FREAKING CHII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all)

AfNE: 10/10 (Hm.. I wonder if Nitori is gonna go out with Anna..the preview almost seems to imply that.. And hold it. What’s up with the really slutty Chiba-shot on the couch??)




2 Responses to "Hourou Musuko Episode 6"

The scene of the main cast all screaming in the haunted house was my favorite. I think it takes the place of the tradition “the cast goes to the beach” or “the cast goes to light fireworks” or “the cast goes to the beach and then lights fireworks” that you see in most ensemble/high school shows, and it was lovely.

Oh yes! It’s not the stereotypical cast tradition, as you said, which definitely makes it much more unique (duh.. that’s obvious) and much more entertaining ^^

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