Nanazzha no Sekai

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 7

Posted on: February 23, 2011

Kurumi takes things into her own hands:

go Kurumi go!

Kurumi hears Kazehaya moaning about being rejected to Ryuu and takes matters into her own hands by telling Sawako to get a grip and tell him how she really feels before going off about how she was rejected.

Meanwhile, everybody else is preparing for the school festival and later that night, the guys try to sneak the float out of school so that they can work on it. They got caught by Pin, who totally doesn’t care either way. Kazehaya walks up and Pin, after talking to him, realizes that his (Kazehaya’s) and Kuronuma’s emotions keep passing each other.. so he says:

NO, PIN, NO!!! Why you say that!?!?!?

Over at Chizu’s place, Sawako thanks Chizu for the talk after school and said that it had made her really happy when she had first befriended her and Yano because she felt that it was the first time she had been liked.

Chizu: Don’t forget that! ^^

The next day at school, Sawako denies that Kazehaya likes her, and Kazehaya overhears, doesn’t even offer up a salutation, and walks away. Ryuu comes to the rescue:

yess!!! TELL HER, RYUU!!

Meanwhile, Chizu and Yano have dragged Kent away from the scene and threaten to sew his big mouth shut. Kurumi comes by, wanting to buy juice from the vender that they are standing in front of. Kent finds that Kurumi likes Kazehaya too, then asks if it would be better for her, then, if he went out with Sawako.

But that is the result of his suggestion.


a lot.

And that.


And Sawako is in the library thinking to herself..

That's just because you're Asian.

And she, again, thinks about how she could have tried harder..

Overall: 9.6/10 (They were so close, yet so far.. again..)

AfNE: 10/10 (Will Sawako finally tell Kazehaya her true feelings??)


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