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Stednitz’ Stalker Observation Diary: Entries 4-7

Posted on: February 22, 2011

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: A new SSOD post! ENJOY!!

Jondhis would never even be able to get anywhere close to touching Stednitz anyway.

Stednitz’ Stalker Observation Diary: Entry 4

My school band had to go on a trip today and my love slave, Jondhis (yes, pronounced like “jaundice”) was obviously aching for me to be his seat buddy. He had already reserved a seat so naturally, I walked into the bus holding hands with one of my guy friends, Corlan. Jondhis shot daggers at him and pouted for the rest of the trip, he came very very close to crying but didn’t, so I guess he’s manning up a little?

Stednitz’ Stalker Observation Diary: Entry 5

Today, my love slave was staring at me in class. Verrrryyy awkward. So I enlisted the help of Corlan and we spent the better part of the period making googly eyes and trading very suggestive looks with each other. Jondhis didn’t look like he was buying it, however, so I caught the eye of one of my female friends, Anzu, and started flirting with her. Jondhis looked visibly shaken and tried extra hard to hold my hand during passing period.

Stednitz’ Stalker Observation Diary: Entry 6

Jondhis, in typical, creepy-stalker fashion, materialized behind me today, so close that he was practically raping me with his clothes on. I stifled a glare and turned around with a very serious expression. “I slice ninja like a fruit,” I told him solemnly, then turned around again. He quickly moved from behind me to go sit in his seat. Oh yes.. I know he tries to be ninja, but now he knows that I can slice ninja like a fruit.

Stednitz’ Stalker Observation Diary: Entry 7

My love slave was leaning with his body pushed particularly violently against mine today, obviously wanting to hold my hand. I ignored him and instead, waited for the perfect time to make my move. As we reached a busy spot, I suddenly stopped walking and watched as he stumbled and fell to the side, no longer supported by my body. He hit his head against a bench but manage to semi-catch himself (I guess his ninja skills do exist), then ran away crying. I noticed later that he had a band-aid on one of his fingers. Apparently he broke a nail.


6 Responses to "Stednitz’ Stalker Observation Diary: Entries 4-7"

I feel bad for Jondhis because his feelings can’t be returned. But then I realize he’s stalkerycreepy. Then I don’t feel bad for him anymore.

oh yes.. he’s creepy. it’s really gross, i feel bad for stednitz.. >.<;

Ya know, I was accused of being a “stalker” too once by the brother of the person I liked. -_-“

bahaha!! i thought we went over already how you were as of yet still incapable of such transitory feelings of affection? ^^

Um. Huh? Did you just say we went over how I am incapable of short-lived affection?

noo, we went over how you are as of yet incapable of an instable, unpredictable emotion..

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