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To Aru Majutsu no Index II Episode 2

Posted on: February 21, 2011

-gassppppp!!!- something that Index can't do?!!???

Yeah..apparently she can’t translate the “Liber Al vel Legis”. So Archbishop Laura Stewart and Stiyl Magnus go searching for Orsola Acquinas, who was “stolen” at the same time that the LAvL was.


Ignore this caption and Tsuchimikado Maika's caption, I just wanted a pic of her spinning.

Index is all huffy because Touma won’t play with her, and so she decides to become a maid..

oh look, meido indekusu

Oh! But she changes her mind (because she sucks at housekeeping) and decides instead:

Oh that's disturbing. I'm glad they didn't put up a picture of that..

Suddenly, Index is Index-napped by Stiyl.

On the other side of the coin, Touma is reading about the Combined Sports Meet in which all students in all the schools of the Academy City are allowed to participate.

What is with that anyway?? Give him amnesia all of a sudden!? Oops! He's getting too close to Index and Biribiri and has full, albeit misfortunate, control over his let's erase all his memories!! ^^

He gets home and discovers that Stiyl has Index-napped Index. Maika, excited that he knows who the mysterious Index-napper was, thinks:

oh Maika.. you are too cute ^^ you little maid-in-training, you.. but I'm afraid you're 3rd on my best TAMnI character list

Meanwhile, Index has been updated on the circumstances surrounding the Liber Al vel Legis. Later, Laura speaks of something devastating:


So..Touma is informed of Stiyl and Index’ whereabouts (since they are acquaintances) and he searches for their location. He bumps into a sister looking to get into Academy City. Guess who it is?

anybody else notice how huge her boobs are? especially when she's viewed from the side and she's wiping Touma's sweat..

Stiyl tries to get Touma to hand her over, and then lo and behold:

Oh look, a talking beachball

Orsola’s pursuers come into play.

She disappears through a hole in the ground. Stiyl is about to summon a sword of flame when he just says it’s too late.

other than that.. does anybody else think that Sister Agnese Sanctis is wearing stuff that is much too revealing for a nun? And though you can't really see in this pic, I swear she's wearing sandals with 8-inch platforms.

We learn that magic books can’t burn, at best they can only be sealed.

Oh, there they are

Sister Agnese falls over because those shoes of hers are just ridiculous..

ooh..I see you are wearing pantsu today

Oh crap! These are the pantsu that I haven't washed in 3 months!

Which is to say, -monotone- let me hold onto your head and shove it at my crotch and not let you move while I scream at you to get your nose out of my privates, kono hentai.

You tell 'im, Stiyl

Later that night:

Guess the face-raping wasn't enough.. This little sister wants more

oh.. but it looks soo (kinda) cutteee!!

oh..oh my...

Later, with some guy to guy talk, Stiyl tries to cover up who he likes, though he already revealed it in season 1:

she was not a bad woman, I'll agree with your choice.

Still later….

No, seriously. She wants more.

Well, I guess you have to give her points for not crawling into his bed fully naked.

Somewhere else…

It's SPIKE!!!

And this Spike reincarnation leaves a promise to Kanzaki Kaori.. He will show her how the Amakusa Catholics are stronger!

nice.. i bet they all practiced hard on their poses the night before

Overall: 9/10 (bahahaha!! naked nuns and freaking talking beach balls!)

AfNE: 6/10 (meh, no biribiri, only some psycho-looking blonde nun)



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