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You Know What’s Awkward?

Posted on: February 20, 2011

Quite a lot of things actually.. but here’s just to name a few (in no particular order, which is to say that, for once, there is no method to my madness):

1) Finding out that Freddie Couples is an attractive, middle-aged man and not an old-geezer, ugly-fart golfer.

2) Finding out that that same Freddie is younger than your mom.

3) Finding a blonde hair in your hair while washing it.

4) Finding out that some guy who works at Fin’s likes small asians.

5) Finding that Yani Tseng of the LPGA looks like a man.

6) Having the guy from 4 call Yani Tseng, Kevin Na.

7) Watching a news reporter on t.v. and making eye contact.

8) Blushing and looking around the room awkwardly after 7.

9) Having everybody in the room look at you as you do 8.

10) Having Cleverbot tell you that you are Cleverbot.

11) Having Cleverbot tell you to close the page.

12) Walking into a public restroom to see someone making out with the mirror.

13) Ignoring somebody who is obviously searching for attention.

14) Doing something embarrassing in front of the person you like.

15) Getting tagged on facebook for something random.

16) Massaging a half-naked parent and trying your best to avert your eyes.

17) Watching 2 rats have sex.

18) Watching 2 ducks have sex.

19) Watching Philip Zimbardo talk about sex.

20) Watching 17-19 in your AP Psychology class at school.

21) Watching Zimbardo stroke a rat.

22) Watching Zimbardo stroke a baby.

23) Watching Zimbardo stare at children.

24) Watching Zimbardo watch a parent and her child.

25) Watching Zimbardo watch children on a playground.

26) Watching Zimbardo and his weird goatee.

27) Watching Zimbardo.

28) Watching t.v. while your sister and her boyfriend are making out behind you.

29) Watching your sister and her boyfriend break up after Indian food.

30) Thinking that your Pre-Calculus teacher has Down Syndrome.

31) Staring off into space with a person in the general area where you seem to be staring, staring back at you thinking that you are staring at them.

32) Being the person staring back in 31.

33) Having a stranger wave at you excitedly.

34) Waving back!

35) Realizing you weren’t the person being waved at.

36) Covering it up by pretending you were waving at somebody behind the person waving.

37) Watching the person you were waving at in 36 turn around to find that there was nobody behind them.

38) Licking ice cream.

39) Taking showers with strangers at public pools or health and fitness centers.

40) Finding that your parent watches porn.



2 Responses to "You Know What’s Awkward?"

Yes I’m reading this. Why? I have no idea, bored out of my mind at 1:30am and don’t feel like sleeping.

40. Wow ok that would be weird.

33-35. Yeah that happens.

30. Lalanne would have ADHD.

17-18. Wtf.

14. Mmhm.

12. That’s a lil’ gross lol

Bahahaha!!! glad to see you appreciate and fully understand the awkwardness of these things.. ^^

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